Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's so crazy it just might work

Damian: Ok so we tricked the Oghma Nine Sage but saved his family any public shaming.  Here's the thing...what if after we get paid for throwing him in jail...we break him out?  He'll need to relocate, maybe we can put him on our caravan and have him aide our cause in Mirabar?  If luck is with us, maybe we can use the same jail break to free Gimballon.  If we decide to attempt this it should be done right before we are to leave town, either when we escort that broad (Luck Rider) that wants to hire us, or before we escort the caravan.  Even if we are initially suspected, peoples memories are poor, and over a long period of time and travel, we'll easily be able to claim we were not in the city at the time of the crime. It's possible his family would pay for his freedom as well. I think we have a great opportunity to be mover's and shakers amongst the noble class.  I really dig the idea of griffon's being available for our use. 

Troy: I'm going to look around work and see if I can find some yearly planners that are unclaimed or headed for the trash bin.  Would be nice to have a group master for the players and another one for the DM. 


James said...

TG I already picked up a blank calender for planning ahead. :) No worries.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Have a sage, under our thumb? Hmmm, interesting. Hopefully the wheels of justice move slowly and he'll be kept at the local guardstation. Hitting the actual dungeons may be a foolhardy quest.

Gordzilla said...

Agreed. For this to work 2 things have to be in place.

1st we have to be paid for capturing him.

2nd he has to be held somewhere we can succeed in breaking him out, if he is in a full scale prison we would risk too much.