Monday, April 12, 2010

Malchus & his "men"!

Malchus grew up in poverty. He began his fighting career as a city guard in Waterdeep. After years of service he left the guard to become an adventurer. Most recently he has taken command of a mercenary group of low-men known only as “The Takers”. They make their living raiding small caravans and travelers up and down the sword coast.

Malchus will keep his eyes open for an opportunity to pose as a caravan guard. Disguising his true identity he informs his “Takers” of the route and all pertinent information on the cargo and the guards. Recently they where spotted ambushing some travelers on there way to the Greengrass festival in Waterdeep. Word is he may still be held up in Daggerford waiting on the next mark.

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James said...

(Chadwick) Tis a good thing that we are avoiding the road to Daggerford.

(Wayne) I herd something about this, that the company of the Hippogriff was looking into the safety of the road between Waterdeep and Secomber. Malchus and his 'men' are in that proximity and do pose a threat.