Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth, Stone and Fey

A dragon is believed to be nesting in the Sword Mountains near Leilon. Cattle have vanished from secure fields at night, and snow-packed trails have been seen glazed into the remote mountains slopes and forests. Guards and laborer’s alike describe dread feelings of being watched coming from the Sword Mountains and hissing can be faintly herd on the incessant north winds. Stories are spreading quickly of a serpentine dragon that snakes it way up, down and through the wooded slopes of the mountains, white as snow- swallowing creatures in its path. The only warning is a rush of wind displacement as it snaps forward in its attack, wind or breath; so hellishly cold as to freeze a man in his tracks.

The dwarf brothers Earth and Stone- sorcerers, volunteered to scout out to prove or disprove the citizen’s fears. Upon their return to Leilon the brothers account for no sightings and believe the creature to be extraordinarily fast on land, and if it can fly… it may never be challenged until the onset of summer. When (it is hoped) the creature roams north until the fall equinox. The sorcerers also mention encountering a fey-sprite named Carling, who cooperated greatly in the search for the elusive dragon. Earth and Stone say that another journey into the Sword Mountains is planned.

Knowledge (Local): Leilon is a small mining town that serves as a convenient resting place for weary travelers on the High Road between Neverwinter and Waterdeep. The Leilon military, known as the Lances of Leilon is composed of as many as 200 mounted warriors. In times of need, citizens are incorporated into the militia.

Knowledge (Geography): The Sword Mountains form a shield between the Sea of Swords and the forest and flatlands beyond. While not militarily significant, these mountains are home to savage beasts, vagabonds, and other unsavory creatures. Of more importance to travelers though is the High Road, connecting the cities of Leilon and Waterdeep with the rest of the ‘civilized’ North.

Linguistics: Carling, in Old English means ‘hill where old women or witches gather.’

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