Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of Chapter One

Coming of Age


James said...

With the passing of the Wands nuptials under the Kissing moon, we enter a new chapter in the Waterdeep campaign.

I had thought this is a good time for us to review of some key plot points. Whatever comes to mind.

James said...

(Chadwick) On Greengrass two noteworthy adventuring companies left the walls of Waterdeep on Greengrass; one headed north and the other east.

The Blinkstone Companions, consisting of the Paladin Texter, Lord Caladorn, Mastock the Orc mercenary and if the rumors are true, a forth- set out with hopes of discovering the nature and potential threat of the great horn that is herd pealing out across the North.

The Company of the Hippogriff is headed east to Secomber under the guide of Amelior Amantias; where a race is on to further explore the discoveries out of the High Moor.

Gordzilla said...

Damian: Recently my friend and essentially my sister Eva asked a very pertinent question. Why do we care or have to work against the machinations of Thay. I grew quiet, I had not looked at it that way. I ruminated over this and soon realized what really burns my ass about the Thacian Gambit! My answer is I don't remember them consulting with us. We intend to be a power, part of being a power is protecting your interests. When someone or something is so impertinent as to move on your home turf without so much as a how do you do, and you stand down? You're a bitch, you're a prison bitch if you do that. I'm no prison bitch. So I'm for moving against all things Thay till proper respect is paid.

Troy: When keeping it real goes wrong.

Damian: I'm curious if anyone else is interested in researching the prison break thing.

Yes I realize at some point we head out of town, when it happens it happens, we schedule it in. Time out of town provides opportunity for any controversies, past or those to come, to die down.

I also want to be active at pursuing the WWW Device.

Troy: If I were to discover that I had to pursue an angle that also lead in the general direction out of town that we are headed that would be fine with me (or in town when we're here). I'd just appreciate it if the pursuit of this goal could coincide with what we are doing so that I'm not pulling away from the group to do this. My character, the 1st born son, is of course highly motivated to fulfill his father's orders.

I'd also like it if we found a noble family that we agreed is good to move against. There are after all lesser nobles. I just mean there are a lot of families that we don't want to offend. We could list those as well.

James said...

(Griffith) Something to coincide with a major downfall, perhaps the death of a certain groom before he consummates the nuptials.

(Briar) There are various fey at work and at play in and around Waterdeep mostly of the dark variety- like something out of the shadowfell. It is largely unknown what kind of damage they are capable or what their intentions are. However, it has been observed that they seem to be able to attract more fey from the surrounding lands- mites, nymphs, red caps, satyrs have been seen.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: I'm thinking of going to the head of the Wands house and laying it all out at his feet. We may get a valuable ally. I, too, would be interested in the prisonbreak. I think the easiest time would be in the transportation of the prisoner.