Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letters to The Company


I understand you're angry with me. I understand why, as well. Do not think that I do not notice you, you are a very fetching woman. However, I must devote my mind, body and soul in pursuit of one who has my heart. She is an elusive prey, able to wiggle out of the tightest grasp if one's attention wavers even the slightest. My prey's name, power. I will be more than I am, the bastard 2nd boy of a father that doesn't appreciate him. Open your eyes, take your blinders off and see the man in front of you, or more likely, slightly behind and to the side of you. Wayne has been in love of you as long as we've all been together. He'd be a better man for you, able to give you the time you feel you deserve. All this aside, I expect this to be the end of our little "spat". I know I'm better than this and you probably are, as well.

Bordane Agundar


I meant no disrespect at the closing ceremony of Greengrass. It was obvious you've been swooning over Eden for awhile. I just feel I must surround myself with people who take what they want, and are able to hold on to it. You have my blessing to pursue her to your heart's content and I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to our future adventures.

Bordane Agundar

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James said...

Nice smug face in your pic! :)