Sunday, May 3, 2015

Volcano 1 Memory 0

Consciousness, a roaring wave of sound followed by the panicked realization of a need to breathe and the inability to do so.  Swirling water, violently tossing you while random fears run through your mind, such as wondering if the violent waves could break limbs, then a momentous thrust hurtling you into the air, light bombarding you. Violently heaving, spitting up water while desperately trying to take in air, an angry wave deposited you on the island, your last image of the others people around you in similar straights on the beach. Another crashing wave followed by immediate darkness when some of the debris in the water hits you knocking you into unconsciousness.

Each of you have similar jumbled memories of your past after awakening on a debris strewn beach unlike any you have known.  Instead of sand the beach was made up of a layered substance similar to clay that was very hot to the touch.  All of you suffered burns from your time unconscious on the burning beach.  Besides finding each other several other items were scattered about the beach which you recovered.  Soon after your arrival you began to explore the island that you would survive upon for several months before being rescued. 

Kyras eventually proclaimed that this island had once been part of either a larger island or island chain and that the unique beach was due to volcanic activity.  Given the heat of the beach, Kyras was certain that there was active volcanic activity nearby also warning everyone of the dangerous exposure to deep earth gases you were all experiencing.  It was Kyras’ theory that the gasses were responsible for your lost memories.

The three mile long island was mostly barren save for the circular stone hill that would lightly glow at night along with the pond at its center. In fact it was that very glow that lead to your rescue when the Sky Captain Zilinias Marks hovered his Skyship The Overwrought Companion over the glowing island to investigate.  The Captain and his wife Teneel Marks took you aboard The Overwrought Companion beginning your two month journey to the Evening Isles. 
Captain Zilinias Marks 
Teneel Marks


Gordzilla said...

If anyone doesn't like the pic I chose for your character feel free to change it.

James Caruso said...

The Captain and Teneel... you couldn't resist could you? lol

Gordzilla said...

Guilty as charged