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12/23/15 Virtues Session 32: Death of the Inquisitor

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?” Zaid Aclair asked his associate incredulously. In the distance the Inquisitor could hear Ghair struggling to play his instrument. The man to whom Zaid spoke to only shrugged.

I think you overestimate their chances.” The Inquisitor stated confidently. 

Riev Stone
We begin the week at Hollow Mount where the tone is subdued as many seem in a perpetual state of alertness. We are escorted to the castle and are received by two interrogators named Liend and Echn (5th and 3rd followers respectively), who questioned Skelp and undertakes the bulk of our questions before finally meeting with the Admiral.

The primary question being.. where was Ziad Aclair, the Inquisitor? There is a settlement- Riev Stone, administered Ghair Riev. The settlement was once larger wealthy retreat but now has dwindled down in size to a bard college/ monastery/ academy to the performing arts. What Skelp heard from the Chief of Staff was that Zaid would be in Riev Stone on this day; because someone, either a daughter or loved-one is located there.

At last the Admiral arrives and invites us to ask the prisoner our own questions, but we are anxious to be on our way and immediately begin planning ways to travel to Riev Stone. As an amazing stroke of luck there happens to be a stage replica at the bard college here, the ‘Northern Lights’ (glass blowers and lenses that reflect light off mineral deposits for mythic light shows) also has a painting of Riev Stone that should help aid in magical travel targeting.

Not only does the Riev Stone painting help, Dramen discovers its true purpose and it immediately able to transport everyone, sans Liend and Echn, to Riev Stone. (there was a wizard symbol on the painting) Dramen teleports us and we immediately feel the pressure air change from being in high altitudes to now more dense air. We begin to take stock of the area and Kyras beast shapes into an air elemental to canvas the building and areas beyond.
Rydin Mierdarel
We see dozens of horses outside the walls, many with the Kierkin symbols; past Riev Stone four wagons have arrived, barred and covered containing prisoners; inquisitor’s guards; the wife of the bailiff Abriana Arcool; beyond those six more are due to arrive a few hours out.

The building is secure but there is a relatively unused entrance because of its obscurity. Dolgrin detects evil and Syrendross casts a divination to locate Zaid as others begin their preparations for assault. Approaching under the cloak of invisibility, when we finally find the inquisitor we begin with a barrage of dispel magic spells before bringing an end to the inquisitor and his hold over his thralls.

We destroy many of the other inquisitors guards but free the person of interest Ziad was here to renew his charms… the missing Knight of the Order of the Lynx. Many of the count’s men flee before us but not before we learn the Count is set to arrive to Bouvet Keep after the vote that elects the new duke- after his honeymoon.

We are awarded 10,000 xp and the completion of one mythic trial; we pick up next week on how to approach the prisoner wagons and to expect another six wagons after that. 

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