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Journal of Marcus Wands: The Polyandrium

Marcus Wands
From the Journal of Marcus Thorne Wands and his time in Ruins of Myth Drannor:

The Polyandrium, meaning ‘gathering place of fallen warriors,’ is the site of an old battle between the allied forces of Myth Drannor and the orcish dark horde who pushed the defenders off the nearby hill and surrounded them, slaughtering scores before finally being routed by Captain Fflar and his new Shields of Myth Drannor.

A mass grave was made for the fallen who could not be identified and a monument was erected to celebrate the bravery of the defenders. Over the years others were entombed on the site, as it eventually became a second cemetery for the city.

This region is an area of less dense foliage contains several large tombs, some capable of holding an entire family and their extended in-laws. Some of these crypts include…

Crypt of Kesefehon is the resting place of the valiant and respected commander who led the city’s defenders to many victories against many hostile invaders. In the middle part of his life he somehow acquired a strange incurable disease that eventually left him scabrous, violent and half-mad. After lingering in this mad state for years, Kesefehon finally died and was buried a hero at the insistence of those who still idolized him a hero. The tomb constructed for him is said to be guarded with traps in case those he offended tried to desecrate his body as they sullied his good name. 
Ployandrium Crypts

Lyssic was a human commander in Myth Drannor’s military forces who fought along side Captain Fflar. Many of his company were buried in his mausoleum, and when he was eventually buried here the place became known as Lyssic’s Crypt. I would note that it is said that he would rise to defend Myth drannor again, although the circumstances of his return were much in debate after his death. It is also rumored that his weapon was also entombed somewhere in the crypt. 

Built into the side of the Polyandrium's north ridge is the Crypt of Rothilion- the interment site of a great human scholar and inquisitor who dedicated his life to knowledge and virtue. Known to most as Rothilion the Honorable, this worshiper of Lathander, Tyr, and Oghma took an oath to abandon the Common tongue in favor of Elven so that he might study the elven lore of the city's builders. He used that knowledge to create and enforce laws that greatly helped the people of Myth Drannor, to become a patron of the arts and to write a number of books. He was given a hero's burial when he finally succumbed to the rigors of age. His crypt was sealed with the magic legacy of the Divine Spark.

During their occupation of the Tower of Bones, some of the the necromancers in the Polyandrium began experimenting with strange and perverted sorts of magic. One of these was the sorcerer Naergoth, a dark and brooding man with a fondness for taming monsters as well as collecting undead. His fellows discovered some of his more perverse hobbies, and he was locked up while they decided what to do with him. According to history, the wizard Orbakh, one of their necromancer brethren, died while attempting the transformation to a lich and was about to be interred. The necromancers decided to throw Naergoth into the tomb along with the dead necromancer and seal him inside using Orbakh's Ivory Scepter.
Tower of Bones

When Myth Drannor was a haven for learning, people from all over the realms came here to practice magic and create works of art. Among these were several dark wizards, who wished to take advantage of the city's proclamations of peace to study with other wizards whose allegiances might have otherwise been judged hastily. Most of these mages studied necromancy, and some wished to examine how their Art interacted with the Mythal. For this purpose these individuals built the Tower of Bones in the Polyandrium, which allowed them the isolation that many necromancers crave and yet afforded them the proximity to incredible magical resources. According to historical documents when the city fell, the necromancers fled as the overwhelming forces stacked against them grew closer. 

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