Monday, September 15, 2014

Adalwin was right

Things had been going so well for Qhorgill that the bounty hunter almost felt guilty for complaining but since the breaking of the guilds the ease of getting paid safely had completely disappeared.  Thinking back to his days following the capture of Torngulf he chuckled at his early attempts at journeying upside. Five years had been a long time to hunt one dwarf and Qhorgill the Hideous had feared his devotion to completing his work had left him without work or position in a strange obelisk sea city years from home. It was ironic that he came here at his own great expense to capture the dwarf Torngulf only to make his fortune fulfilling bounties for another dwarf, Torgar the guildmaster for the Liquor Commission. That first bounty had secured Torgar’s position of leadership and kept work coming Qhorgill’s way.  Since Adalwin Joscelin and his Black Crown Spellguard had claimed Stormhaven, Qhorgill’s primary employer was on the run. The only contracts currently being delivered from the Liquor Commission came from Torgar’s agent Danzil. 

Qhorgill read the message, evaluating his risk and reward.  Danzil’s note indicated that Torgar would meet him aboard Neptune's Serpent at the setting of the fifth day’s sun to discuss his latest bounty. If what Qhorgill suspected was true he would be taking a significant risk going aboard any vessel in the Stormhaven waters. The Bounty hunter had delivered at least twenty individuals to Danzil or Torgar over the past several months and none had been heard from since. Qhorgill’s contracts with Torgar only paid him well when the targets were delivered alive and truth be told the hideous one detested killing. Yet every bounty Qhorgill had delivered had never been seen or heard from again.  Whether they were dead in the deep or down in the deep, Qhorgill knew that risking a meet on the sea exposed him to the same fate. Still a major contract was Torgar’s terminology for a financial and magical reward of the powerful and expensive variety. He would agree to meet however he would use the time left him to prepare. 

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Ah, Qhorgil... Great post, glad to see he's got a future!