Thursday, September 18, 2014

Journal Entry : Indira. The Return of Sarosh

Friday morning came much more relaxed than the other mornings of the past week. Indira was, of course, delighted with the return of Master Jaren on Monday, but she felt somewhat rebuffed. Master Jaren had so many irons in so many fires that it left precious little time for them to meet or discuss the treasures she had waited four months to give him. Naturally she had briefed him on affairs of business, both on the docks and at the Cinder Block, but it seemed that Sarosh had detailed much of what they had done together when he was able to re-connect with them some ten days ago. Also, she was sure that she could not hide her worry and disappointment when it was revealed to her that Sarosh had not returned with Them, but instead was heading yet another strange mission in a place she had hardly even heard of - The Evening Isles. Still she decided to be patient and bide her time, knowing her service was valued, and her loving caresses missed.

The two books she had kept had proven to be absolute gems. Both were masterwork quality tomes, but constructed very differently. Both books were written in Elvish dialects, which at first proved a problem for the upcoming mage. Over the past four months, she had availed herself to the libraries that the Cinder Block had been building, and under the tutelage of a couple Block bards she had become a fluent reader of elvish script.

The first book was entitled Cerdic's Pages. It was covered front and back by two well oiled pine planks, each protected with copper strips and corner caps. Iron hoops bind the covers and the 200 gray parchment pages within. The book holds 20 different dialects or slight variations of elvish, authored by at least 12 different people. The pages hold a sort of collection of articles detailing different elven wizards and arcanists of the past 200 years or so. Each article details a spell, an event, or a craft of note and the identity of the pertaining wizard. There is a foreword by Cerdic, who explains that he was a gatherer and editor of these articles that he had commissioned to different elves that he knew. Indira was certain  that the elves that had collaborated for this book lived on the southern half of the continent, the very place she knew her master to be developing. The book also was so steeped in arcane lore, even she could recognize the hidden power of Truename magic within its pages.

The second book she prized even more, and could hardly wait any longer to present it to Jaren. The iron covers of the book were bound to the interior pages with a dozen iron rings, one of which seemed to be slowly breaking, though it was free of rust. The 90 pages are made of fine brushed vellum, and all are filled with elvish script written by the same hand. The cover is decorated with an exquisite dragon engraved into the iron, with 2 finely set rubies in the place of it's eyes. This book never reveals who the author is, but it is filled with descriptions of geographic locations very familiar to him. The descriptions are given as if he viewed them from above, soaring above the jungle canopies.The dialect is a perfect match to one used in the first book, which has convinced her that this author and the places he describes also hail from the southern half of the continent. The book, however, holds another secret she has only just begun to clue in to. It seems to give veiled guidance toward pacting with a special variety of dragon. ( It is actually advice on pacting with dragons of Virtue, but this knowledge is still a little over her head.) It also has a wondrous ability to summon a very powerful illusion of a great dragon.

The opening of the door of the apartment she shared with Sarosh broke her reverie. Her startled condition transformed to shocked joy as she bounded into the arms of her missing lover once more. She gave him the warmest reception she could imagine, and it was several hours before either of them turned their attention back to the business of the day.

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