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Review 09/03/2014

We pick up at the Cinder Block Tuesday morning with Auge beginning his next crafting endeavor and Jaren logging in sixteen hours of Tome of Clear Thought time while in the radiance of the dragon heart, Jaren begins to feel a connection with the dragon heart in Nimbus; but only a hint at mother's heart stone. 

4pm Versel, Durg and Auge venture out into Stormhaven, first heading to the Lifts where Versel finds an opportunity. A seven member Board of Decisions has been running the lifts but a choice must be made: are the Lifts a guild and thus part of the city structure, or a business? Versel made his intentions known: to recruit Deirdre Saltsure for her administrative and accounting expertise in SONS Businesses. Collectively we control the delivery of ship trade from the Docks, to the Lifts. 

Welcome to SUNBOW!
From here we traveled to the Sunbow Mansion looking for Vinco who as it turns out has been missing for months, or the House Madame: Allison Mortaugh a thrall of Kalaris' succubi. Speaking with the unshaken Scarski Brothers: a gnome card dealer and a human ale dealer we discuss current events. 

No one knows exactly when Vinco left, it not did it come with any prelude. They assume the Liquor Commission runs the club because Danzil, who does the ordering, is also a L.C. member. We are lead to a safe where monies from the night is stored. It was light by our estimation and possibly how Danzil pays for inventory. 

During in the office Versel looked for personal possessions to perhaps divine Vinco's whereabouts; eventually finding a key that lead to a personal storage closet and then to a notebook that would serve the purpose. The last notes within the ledger included L.C. agreements to supply Sunbow employees; an entry that denotes surprise that an agreement with Klacko (Uvrock remnant) that come through; but nothing that suggests a leave of absence. Before leaving for the L.C. Versel pays the Scarskis to deliver a message to Deirdre Saltsure regarding his earlier plan of handle our assets. The response was quick, Dragon Day, at the Cinder Block for lunch.

Arriving at the L.C. we find twenty-five Spellguard mages who have erected an anti-magic shell. Auge was addressed by Gerto that Evaristus Phocas served a notice that did not renew the L.C. contract to the city for being Stormhaven’s sole proprietor of alcoholic beverages. Following this came a series of arrests labeling thieves as spies and therefore are liable for treason- just like Torgar now.

When asking about Danzil, Gerto explains that Danzil is on the down low right now because the Spellguard as labeled him a spy. Versel however, goes directly for the Spellguard in charge heedless of the anti-magic. Cogarto Malle the masked leader of this unit, appeared uncomfortable at Versels approach. his race was unknown.

Versel: What’s the deal with the anti-magic, is it a group effort? Perhaps Cogarto would be interested in helping us practice combat tactics in such an environment? It would have to be arranged at a later time.

11 pm when arriving at Nissian’s Embassy we notice many estates and buildings in the district have filled up in anticipation of the wintry months to come. It was Jaren and Versel who noticed a party of elves and dwarves, with two on the ground and four in the air, they were following us. We allowed them to live, waiting for them to make first contact. Around the corner we encounter an iron golem patrolling the embassy district loaded with a magic mouth… “Greetings and welcome home” it was Adalwin Joscelin.

Upon entering the embassy we feel a surge of magic and then it dawns on us- everything they said regarding Nissian and the watermarks and our connection and our necessity to be… pleased. Every time we enter the Embassy we recharge Stormhaven’s watermarks- the connection was that deep. As we are away from Stormhaven for months at a time- the magic that makes the watermarks work begin to rundown. Good to know in case we ever want to hold the city hostage. 

About twenty minutes later father’s voice greets us. At Nissian’s request we placed his lost books in a magical chest. His own words, 'I will be gone for a while.' Then Jaren gifted father with a 25k gp diamond plus its uncut fraternal twin. It was to parlay a wish to further Jaren’s plans for the Dark Continent’s tar pits; wish granted son. He warns us about the usage of the tomes recovered as even he cannot undo their dangers. He was surprised that mother did not intercede or inspect the items we removed from her hoard for him. 

Questions waxed and waned but when asked what he wanted us to achieve his response came two-fold. Realize your magical heritage in this Age of Dragons. And seek to fully understand what we seek to learn. Can I get an Amen?
Tic Toc
Did you kill Avericia’s mate? Yes. Were you present during our birth? I allowed the process to be discovered by Twilight House. 

Do we have any siblings? No. Attempts have been made however they lack HIS key component… they lack the sin element to our creation. It is possible to truename a location or change its truename? Yes but much research is required.

Four Ancients- Nissian, Joscelin, the Aboleth, and the Time Dragon… what can you tell us about the creatures that resides in TicToc Castle? Using time as a constant Nissian tied the watermarks to the Time Dragon, later altering the creation to recognize the sins and virtues.  Tharymor fulfills a role in the world; he embodies the function of time- a time keeper. The time stop event would have been excruciating to him. 

Why can we not visit the Evening Islands? Father does not know. Father is confident that in a hundred years all Joscelin’s plans will fizzle as he has failed to deliver a city to Hell before. Father’s warned that if Joscelin were to get to close to his goals we would meet Thaddeus Grellspit, a herald of an ancient elf

What does Nissian know about the elven lay lines? That they are from an older age and that they are all over the world. It is close to druidic and earth based magic. Some individuals drew their arcane magic from the lines affecting the polarity of the world. Stormhaven is directly above a major Ley Line or at least was in the previous age. Some of his information is dated but he believes that elf sorcerers draw their magic from the lines as well as Drow, Centaurs, Cat folk and ettercaps to name a few. Can these roads be interrupted? Yes. The planar model… can it be manipulated to research lay lines? No. 

Bandersnatches WTF? They and their brethren are ancients from the fey world they are limited in how long they can be on our world but their appearance indicates the Fey Queen's personal involvement in Mother’s affairs and our threat against the elven nation. Lore says that the Fey Queen may grant the boon of the Tane but at great cost. Four of them you say? Beware of the Jabberwock, also a creature of the Tane and a dragon of air and fire who can also change its environment. Lore says that vorpal weapons were conceived to deal with the jabberwock. The Tane are our greatest threat. 
Be all you can be. 

The Aboleth? Most will say the jailer is an agent of hell, Nissian believes it to be an ancient of the abyss. Before the dawning attempts were made to make this world/Terra part of Hell, Abyss, even Limbo- It is a remnant of that time and has been here even before Stormhaven. It has held prisoners for 1000’s of years. 

Have we fulfilled his plans for us? No. What are these plans? We are his means of control and cultivation of Stormhaven through his Watermarks and our accomplishments, but he plans on probabilities. His long term plans are to fully realize and access the powers of various races and entities gaining their powers, abilities, and strengths. He already has the blood of an elf, dragon and possess the power of a vampire as well as the mantle of an outsider. He wants to maximize all he does in any age he exists, especially during the Age of Dragons where he excels and pays close attention to the desires of others to further his plan.

1:30 am with that done and much learned we take some magical precautions before leaving for the Cinder Block but we were not followed by our previous tail.

Arriving at the Cinder Block we discover many Spellguard present and ‘Adalwin.' It wasn’t long before we realized that this ‘Adalwin’ was a magically disguised individual in hopes of drawing out an attack from rebels. We are now free to come and go from the Crown he said- so we head there immediately. On the way we watch the Spellguard in action using concerted groups of Arcane Archers and Magus.

I see what you did there.
2 am We arrive at the Crown in its full hi-def. glory but no elf or dwarf language please it hurts us. 

We are served the usual steak and drinks to the dismay of the fatigued wait staff. In a gesture of good will Adalwin gifts us with Uvrock, his soul trapped in a gem, furthermore  Adalwin offers a Magic Jar spell for us to verify its contents. Speaking first to the Keeper of the Night, Auge informs him of his business venture to re-task the L.C. into a teamster’s commission delivering shipping goods to doorsteps; and therefore controlling the delivery of ship trade from the Docks, to the Lifts and now to the recipients. I’ll need my rogues back BTW. He agrees as long as each of us do not interfere with the other. The lifts belong to the city but its workers are employed through SONS. Plans are laid out to standardize trade units, what cost to levy, and how best to implement the process.

“We have another problem… the Jailer” It exists on two or three planes and has been allowed to exist on this world for too long and it has to be us collectively to deal with it. It will be a victory for Stormhaven.

Joscelin: “Ready for your first mission for the Crown Durg?”: Cogarto Malle

Versel: “Anti magic shell practice?”  Joscelin: “I will put my top men on it, in fact…”

Joscelin lays out a plan where he will sell a golem to Balekar (former Underwriter) and gives Jaren Anti-magic shell scrolls to use, in the meantime Durg witch hunts Cogarto Malle. Speaking of Underwriters…

Deidra is still head of her house and is an excellent choice to manage SONS finances and assets. This plan is Jocelin approved.

Tomorrow is Dragon Day with a noon meeting with Ms. Saltsure and the Double Dragons from Twilight House.


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