Monday, September 29, 2014

Hogni Bluesafe Makes a Stand

The sounds of battle erupted from within the Cinder Block, Hogni Bluesafe could hear them echoing through the walls from within the gladiatorial Neutral Grounds.  It was not swords alone that rang, out, magical spells were erupting as well.  Someone was finally daring to challenge the HalfReds attacking inside the Cinder Block while using the battle as an opportunity to break into the Vial and Flask.  It would be the biggest gamble of Hogni’s life, gambling on his discovery to protect the store. If he failed, somehow he didn't think his benefactor would be so forgiving.  Hogni’s hands trembled while pouring the contents over his creation.  The opportunity he had waited so long for and worked these several months for was here.  Neither spell nor sword will stop the Clockwork Golem.

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