Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review 09/17/2014

We began the session Thursday morning in the Cinder Block at breakfast discussing our future plans when Versel had an idea. “I was up last night thinking of the LC brewery.” 

Calling over Pilini, Auge inquires at to his level of interest in the idea. It was decided that we would all stop at the Black Crown to meet with Adalwin Joscelin after first breakfast.

When we arrived we were advised that Joscelin would be delayed in meeting with us. In the meantime Durg was escorted away to be fitted for a uniform for his new office and meet his team. Versel calculates how many strong lifters he can equal in a hoist, while Auge and Jaren are introduced to the Black Crown’s Head of Studies, Gray Oslinar. Gray is a half-drow whom we discover is from the Continent and whose father was a ferration.

Jaren explains his plan for a mage school and his hopes of adding a program that would be mutually beneficial to the Crown and the new school. He even brings up the magically inclined albino minotaurs, but that abruptly ends their conversation.

The rest of the time for Auge and Jaren was spent in arcane preparations as Versel figures he can lift just under 9,000 pounds as a medium load…

13 becomes 12. Adalwin introduces the Witch Hunter to his ‘broken coven’- Durg’s office of internal affairs. Six administrative individuals and six others that are responsible for districts of the city and the spellguards posted there. Each of these men and women had faithfully served Adalwin in the past, two were in fact part of the Van Fleet assault.

Late morning we meet with Adalwin at the top of the Crown’s battlements. He explained that he has sent messages to five noble houses, one being the target house. The message gives first option on constructs Adalwin is building as a cover for Durg’s Op against Cogarto Malle, a commander of the spellguard.

Before we leave Auge inquires as to the status of the LC building and brewery to which Adalwin reveals that he has plans for the structure as a reward for services rendered.

The rest of the evening expires with Jaren finishing his book (picking up on Truename syntax), Auge putting in more crafting time, and Versel making his way to the lifter’s guild for some face time and to test his strength calculations before dropping in on Sunbow Mansion. At Sunbow Versel discovers many Saltsure office staff is in place and have made some great managerial progress. Making some suggestions, one being the installation of the lantern of revealing, Versel notices a stealthy individual making his way out a back hall.

Versel eventually tracks sneaky mcgee to an unmarked Sunbow building. “… returned everything to your room, all I’m taking is these wands.” Then he notices Versel. The building had a squatter’s look to it and it was obvious he was talking with someone upstairs but when Versel turned on his charm, the man named Danzil reached into his satchel and magically transported himself away leaving Versel, his charm and a couple of frightened whores who explain to Versel that Danzil moves around a lot but is rumored to own the Neptune’s Serpent.

Returning to Sunbow, Versel lays down some new rules and informs the management of the unmarked property and to see to its use. Searching lockers of employees (what Danzil ‘returned’) Versel finds 800 gold, potion of cure disease, a spellbook, four pieces of jewelry ‘of protection’, master work clothing and S&M gear, and a meta magic rod.

At the Cinder Block Auge meet with the White Spider who looks to be doing well for herself. After reconnecting over that last four months Spider gives Auge his cut as guild master: 5,000 gold (of which a 500 gp gem was paid back to Spider for Auge’s next job), Diamond dust, and alchemical silver as well as a nautical map of where a rumored silver trade ship(s) sank a year ago. 

9 pm. Ague explains to Spider Versel’s idea for the Liquor Commission and Joscelin’s unfortunate plans for it. It is her task to find out who has been rewarded or will be rewarded the LC brewery. Shortly after that Deidre arrives for Ague. 

Friday morning brings six elves who exercise formal rites of invitation to which Jaren upholds the Neutral Grounds motto and welcomes them in. They head straight for the first-breakfast buffet table exposing their unfortunate state of circumstances now that Joscelin is in charge.

Nolo Optiabilis, a stormhaven elf agrees to Jaren’s compromise of allowing elves to come here and eat as we cannot legally distribute food. Therefore the Willowtree clan would be distributed 50 Cinder Block wooden nickels to identify the individual who would be eating all the food a 5,000 gem would buy.

The rest of the day passes quickly with the Friday Night Freedom Fights later that night. The hype was at an all-time high with our return after four-plus months away.

6 pm. Maycorth arrives and we adjourn to our private office. In his dreams, Maycorth explains, he is saving his family while we bring fiery death on our adversaries. The breakdown of the meeting uncovered some of the politics and the resources of his family. In Hoppen Coast there is a robber baron who controls most of the land in the duchy except for his family’s land, which so happens to contain rich coldstone mines. The robber baron sealed an agreement with the Verbond group to deal with Maycorth’s family giving the robber baron uncontested access to the mines.

An introductory reconnaissance trip would be made in a few weeks after we make some preparations and attempt to scry on someone in his family. As far as compensation he offered one of his family’s coldstone mines: ‘Cold-Fire Cave' could produce (after the stone-crafter’s are paid) 1,500 lbs or 1,500 cold stones a year; in a 20-year cycle wherein the mine is required to be rotated out of use to allow it to rejuvenate its store for up to 1-5 years.

8 pm. People begin to fill the Neutral Gounds when Jaren notices something out of place that causes him to cast true seeing. This reveals that roughly half of the individuals here are magically disguised. The first fight gives us a collectable gnome who viciously spills blood in Versel’s name winning his contest. As this occurs Jaren identifies two individuals as Danzil and Qhorgill then the assassins strike out against the Spellguard.

Be begin next session with combat. 


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how in the world did you find the side-whoring sign? I didnt even finish reading the post, had to immediatley comment.Kaboom to you sir!!

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one other thing... I dont believe I mentioned the albino minotaur, just that i had discovered a kingdom of minotaurs that exhibited some arcane talent.