Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Invisible Tower

Youvalan had badly miscalculated.  For the first time in months the wizard could not predict where the scions of greed would be.  It was like missing a performance of your favorite play, one that Youvalan had grown quite addicted to observing. Now to find them again he would have to watch for places they would likely go to in the near future. 

The diviner pulled out his diary of notes on the half dragons to help him divine.  He was not yet foolhardy or arrogant enough to scry upon Avericia so he would look upon one of her more interesting followers Optatio.  

The tower the half dragons met Avericia’s wizard in was very interesting and as long as Youvalan had to wait he might as well learn more about it.  There was something about the tower, something alien and unique.

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