Sunday, August 3, 2014

Journal Entry: Sarosh

(day 1 Tues.) I have never stood in front of master Jaren's Mother, nor felt her divine presence. I know to well, however, the undeniable pull of callings based on bloodlines and birthrights. I felt Her briefly, when she blocked my teleport and took the others into Her volcanic court. I knew immediately the brothers had been called home to their mother, and my sense of fate tells me it may be sometime before their commanded task is complete.

(day 2 Wed.) The relative silence of upside is eerie. The ferocity of the past weeks violent shuffling of power seems impossible in the peace that has settled. Adalwin has won his battles, and controls the Black Crown Tower. The battle there raged for some fourteen hours until any wizard who stood against his magocracy was dead or has fled Stormhaven. No one knows how many mages and soldiers have died in the past 48 hours, but the city and most of its combatants seem to have taken this day to count their fallen, and ponder their next moves, which mostly depended on what side of the war they had chosen to give their allegiance, two days ago.only the dwarven nobles and elven houses continue their struggle against the Black Crown.

(day 3 Thur.) The inevitable has begun. The brothers were all forced away from a lot of business and personal dealings they had initiated on their surprise return. We have met with Arkiel and he seems very comfortable with Indira and I representing Son's in their absence, and said it freed him to pursue a mission of his own - a recruiting trip utilizing the portal he now controlled. I have arranged appointments with their most influential partners and contacts over the next couple days, and I have decided to employ a little misleading information regarding their business.
     " having started their business models and shipping plans along the coastal ports of the continent, the brothers have now begun the next phase of their move into the shipping lanes of commerce. They currently are on a quest to discover first hand the mystery of the Evening Isles. Master Jaren is greatly dissatisfied the current maps and charts of those waters, and has decided to personally sail those oceans to make his own maps for he and his brothers to make trade route armadas of their own. In the interim Master Arkiel will be working afar to coordinate the shipping plans of the armadas they have funded to sail to the continents coastal ports. Both expect to be gone 3-6 months" . I cant help but think a little subterfuge might make it harder for our enemies to find our true motives.

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