Monday, August 4, 2014

Flashback: Seeing Red

Honorable Mayor and Fifth Councilman Jonark Uptal

I represent a group of Companions who responded to a recent call to action. In your absence scores of men have disappeared into the forest depths. Upon our arrival we ran afoul with a death priest and a mad wizard and while the wizard was killed we were successful in capturing the priest assuming the worst. But after questioning him the priest was not the cause of the vanishings.

We accepted the request made by several families and discovered a stain in the city. A Liama disguised as a seer and alchemist was draining the wisdom of her male patrons. The Liama was not alone and was in fact slave to its keeper a half-drow woman who would tell these men where to go. The evil Liama was killed but its handler was taken alive.

In return for her life the half-drow explained the operation; was confident that all the missing individuals would still be alive; and they were being used as slave labor for renegade drow. We have a drow in ourfellowship and are confident of the information from the prisoner.  

By the time this message reaches you we will have already left and with Mystra’s blessing return with the husbands and sons of Tragidore in time for your safe and eminent return.
Meaghan Gundwynd, Inquisitor of Mystra


Let me be the first to inform to you that Nhar-Del was captured and his undead defeated at the hands of seven newcomers. He was captured trying to overwhelm the companions to add them to his undead band; all this before he was able to find our citizens. It should interest you that Nhar-Del’s 'readied minions' were in fact corpses animated from our own catacombs which were not part of the agreement.

The gold from the city coffers was not recovered with his capture; he is being held and guarded in the stockade until he divulges the location of the gold you paid to him. Your secret contract with the death priest with municipal funds is still secure. In the meantime the dead are being returned to their resting places and it would seem the Time of Troubles has ended.

Rubicund, Tragidore Master of Coin

(This magically scribed message came on a red sheet of parchment.)

Mister Uptal,

I know what you did and know where it is. I will contact you again upon your safe and eminent return to Tragidore.

Your new best friend. 

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