Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Cyclopedia of Fire

The Book called to him, or at least that's what it felt like to him when he found it. He knew the time was closing to an end and the lava would again rise to gaurd the only true hoard he had ever seen, but he continued to search until he found it, his Book. The cover was dominated by a scar in the leather, the symbol of greed permanently etched into the magical hide when it was claimed by Avaritia.

As he peered at the book and began to analyze it's properties, he heard his mothers voice tell a story in his head. The effect reminded him of his familiar legend lore spells, but much more personal, even invasive.
" long ago, by your standards, a man managed to escape the growing desert in the north. He spent his life collecting fire magics, and when he believed he knew all the secrets of magical fire, he locked himself in the seclusion of a fortified summoning tower and set about to make this spellbook. He summoned and held at his command a number of salamanders to beat the exotic metals into sheets thinner than the finest of papers. He then slew the salamander crafter and made the cover for the book  out of it's hide, forever rendering the book immune to fire. His dalliance with chaos was of course his downfall, for by the time the salamander had finished the book it's demonic whisperings had driven the wizard to delusions of egoism and power driven madness. He believed with the book he could defeat and command ME."

The Book had power he recognized, very similar to the book he had created and given to his grandmother. The Book held 1000 pages of spells in the same space as normal book of only 100 pages as part of its magic. He didn't recognize the metal, but realized from the lore that it was probably a rarity even in the outer planes. He gazed in wonder at the collection of fire magic collected in this one tome, and marvelled anew when he realized the Book was not yet full! He knew then, immediately that this would be his Book, and it would be into this tome that he would pen his further incantations  and evocations.

Clutching the three books he claimed as his own, and one book for his father, he flew out of the most magnificent library he was likely to ever see. He could hardly wait to devise a plan to earn the favor of another visit to this heaven that his mother held, just outside the grasp of hell.

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harrygoblin said...

this is just based off the basic blessed book from the core rulebook. Hope you like it Troy.