Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review 8/13/2014

We began our session after teleporting from the battle at River Wheel Falls with the bodies of Voluntatis and his dragon mate. We appear upon a rocky island in a hearto unknown lava flow. It was the dragons Vovere and Expugnatio that received us in the more than uncomfortable volcanic lair.

Splitting up our recovered items the lava flow began to recede revealing several magma-men, the keepers and protectors of this section of Avericia’s prodigious lair. Taking this as an invitation for services rendered we descend into the treasury depths each looking for something different. This delve into past (2nd edition) treasures grants us each Knowledge (History) as a class skill.

After a time we are eventually brought before Avericia who welcomes us as her children and the accepts the dragonheart stone in her time of labor. An unknown number of eggs where produced during what ended up being a week-long dream-like period of bonding (mother’s marks) and visions (tar pits). Jaren reports our endeavors with the Minotaurs and the drow and we discuss many possibilities for the future as well as territories to call our own on the Continent; a meeting is also scheduled with Vovere and Expugnatio.

Sunday, October 1st. Nimbus.

We rap up this week bringing our dragonheart stone Nimbus and informing Erilis ‘the painter’ our intension of bringing the temple and Nimbus into our territory provoking Tiamat’s blessing for the next 24 hrs. (+10’ movement, bless, +30’ to all vision, and a free re-roll).  

Next week. Treasure grab.

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