Monday, August 4, 2014

Journal entry : Sarosh

(day 6 Sun.)All of upside seemes ready to observe the noble tradition of genteel rest and leisure on this sunday. Of course the Elf and Dwarf noblemen and klanmen stand oppossed to the new order being established, and have not lowered arms and still actively war against the Black Crown Tower in the skies and grounds of their estates, and where ever else they can launch a surprise attack agains the new police, the Spellgaurd. The week ended with not only no battle in the street, but a force of Stormhaveners to halt violence and record legal witness so that claims of theft and ownership ended in a decision, and not a death.  That seems to be the towers tagline for selling to a commerce driven existance an improved rule of law. none the less, most merchants forayed out and started the crankshaft of commerce and trade, accepting trade and and paying cash, infusing the topside with a needed   pool of currency. The split of the moneychangers, and reduction of moneylenders is starting to limit the pool of credit and voucher accepted, plus the cash is falling down to all levels. Between the trouble of theses two guilds and the unwillingness to attempt any business run by dwarf or elf control while they war, the economy is about half. Half as many workers are available,so even regular pay only half productivity can be accomplished. As business has begun to peek out, this week has included a few good interviews.

Both Indira and I were most anxious for what we thought would be our trickiest meeting - Adalwin Joscyln. He was certainly not surprised at the dragons absence. As she handed over the war chest of recovered crown items, spell-books and wondrous items mostly, she spoke of her Master's desire to remain affiliated with the Black Crown Tower, as well as her own. He agreed that he and Jeren and spoke of such before, and offered a function to her as Corporate Liaison to Son's Inc. The offer included a Black Crown watermark and retained possession of the office space they had built at the Tower . Her price to agree was very specific; greater teleport scrolls so she could hope to occasionally keep up with her world trotting masters. After they agreed to terms, I handed him the letter Jeren had written with Dragonsbane. It pleased him so much he allowed Indira to keep one book of her choice from the small hoard, as a gift to our master.These pleasantries ended that meeting.

Master Dragonsbane came in to collect a scroll which we were able to supply, but he seemed confident in our brief discussion about the first 14 ships sailing 1 week hence.

Vormite visited upside today with reports of the pace of business and his desire to start building up the warehousing and dock rigging he needs. He has been given money, and i told him to use it.

Maddam Diedre visited the offices of the Dragon Hoard. Her visit was curt, probably would have been warmer if they had been there, but well intentioned. Since the Underwriters have splintered to their own personal fortunes and finances, she presented amendments to assume their guilds financing of more than a million credits , and underwrite that presence of gold as it guarantor. In other words, she personally, from her fortune, can cover and is responsible for that account.

The Sultan smiles with as many bared teeth as ever. The troubles do not seem to weigh on him, or he is very disciplined in not expressing angst or concern over his emotions. He is very intrigued in the talk of the trade armadas sailing west to the continent. He believes (and I let him) that Master Jaren is smart enough to find a quicker sea route to the growing coastlines. He has decided to not miss that. He has begun to purchase boats in hope of flying flags with our armadas, perhaps the core of a third wave to our armada.

Lastly, a very brief visit by a disguised Nefertiti. Indira took care of this, and offered the use of our executive office until she could pick the ship she wanted to sail out on.

In the next week I will try to explore my pact-lore to try to connect with him. All I know is that he is safe and not dying.

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