Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review 08/27/2014

After killing the female Parakosis, the other dragon Damalaris fled. Jaren dedicated some time to constructing a dire fort, marking the western most point of our planned territory. It was adorned with basic symbols of dragons along with deeper subtle symbols of sin, but when it came time to hang a dragon skull over the door we discover the body of Parakosis was gone. The dragon Damalaris had come back for its mate. Versel marked the Three Lakes as ours building the Dire Fort which took on an abandoned and desolate aspect. 

From here we teleport to Stormhaven after a 'four-month plus' absence. In the Vault Lair Auge and Durg notice the scents of other dragon-kind in our sanctum, although nothing was missing Durg was not pleased. Heading up to the Cinder Block we are pleasantly surprised to discover that the people took our meaning when we named the Neutral Grounds. It had become a place of refuge where there was always a warm fire, food, and Supplies. Obviously our presence caused a stir and before long we find Pilini and Claret who has everything well in hand. 

As we came in one of the first things spotted was the dour uniformed Spellguard, very much militarized under Joscelin and other much less staunchly dressed. These uniformed individuals were deemed the judged; a process a former black crown wizard goes through for crimes against the 'crown'. During this week-long pretrial the wizards stay in a rented common area of the Cinder Block eating, practicing and preparing for their trial by combat. The arrangement has created a new profit center for the Cinder Block with 160 in sixteen weeks. 

Conversation moved outward to the drift downs, it is here we learn of the jailer personal war with the Navy and many sailors are feared to be imprisoned; and that Uvrock was part of the massive armada that came upon the Dire and Dragon docks.  There have been several attempts at sabotage in the docks but the overwhelming majority support the new docks so no plan ever gets any traction however piracy is on the rise. 

It was also during our conversation with the two that we learn Twilight House works exclusively for SONS or Joscelin and that the warehouse portal is offline and does not function. 

4 pm Embassy. Here we find a note apologizing for their intrusion and insist no ill was intended. The note cam with two names: Bale and Cose Tasar; and two symbols draconic and wrath. We can find them at Twilight House. 

Contacting Nissian we schedule a meeting with him for tomorrow 11pm. We pick up on the morrow with the promise of a week (possibly more) in Stormhaven.