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Review 8/20/2014

Our session began marveling at Erilis' painting of a uneven rocky shoreline. The scene was a wash in grey with rain and mists around a magnificent castle. The castle had a presence- it was a place of virtue and come to discover it was not at all on the continent. The painting was so well done even the constellations in the painting proved key. 

Teleporting jauntily to said location Auge's suspicions are confirmed that the castle painting landscape was on the Evening Isles. Our arrival was off target, 10 miles off target but we could however see the wake the massive landmass was creating in its westerly course. Auge was able to approximate the Evening Isles current location to be south east of Stormhaven traveling west at 10 - 30 mph. Taking some positive energy damage we could only get within two miles of the island before serious damage sets in. 

Looking about we spot several ships at sea: nine Evening Isles ships and three from other realms. One ship was a total unknown, the second was from the wilds north, and the third- Kracken Bait- bore Stormhaven colors as well as obvious battle damage. 

Flying over to the ship we introduce ourselves to Johnny Sailor, the defacto commander now that the Captain was dead. There were only 100 or so left after an attack separated them from their fleet and crippled them. Jaren offers to make whole their vessel in return for information and membership in our trade fleet. 

Talking with Johnny we learn that the castle in the paining is Castle McCaugh in Kriet Oppenshire a duchy known for their spice trade. Another feature is Watchtower, a northern costal city known for the Naval Base and a Book Bindery. Malese Tar is another community that specializes in ship building and is home to The Eye, a organization of scholars, scribes, and sages. The McCaugh is a title and is like a duke; the family itself is an old family of the Islands. 

Johnny informs us his intentions are to resupply and sail to a port in hopes for new business. He was told he works for us now and he has a new captain... Sorosh. Their task is to discover as much as they can about these topics and find out why we cannot travel to the Isles. 

From here Jaren teleports us to the crystal chamber under the temple of Tiamat in Nimbus. It is here we pay the 15k each in gems and install OUR dragonheart in the Nimbus Lair. In doing so we are now able to sacrifice a dimension door or higher teleport spell or magic item or an abundant step class ability plus a 1,000 gp gem to freely travel between the heartstone in Stormhaven Lair and the heartstone in Nimbus Lair. The process binds our sin to the chamber attracting the attention of mother. 

It was learned the Truename of this heartstone and a key to the truename of the heartstone in Stormhaven. Furthermore our fear aura blazes at a x3 and our breath weapon is improved by half our hit-dice while within 'hit-dice feet' of the heartstone.  The DM spoke of restoration as well as other powers to come...

Erilis approves and tithes 10k in gemstonees to the heartstone in the name of sin and says a prayer that will last for the next two days. 

Next Jaren scrys on the drow Anan Viator to find her fighting with ogre barbarians, some of them sickly with disease. Teleporting to her location we discover that the disease is under control and that after an attack by the Sea King who was patrolling a large area of the ocean, we have only lost 20%. The Sea King was described as a titan and a master of the seas who talked about claiming his tithe as he sundered several ships with his trident. 

We jaunt back to Nimbus with Anan who knows the location of the two metallic dragon lairs we now search for. The first is located at an area of plateaus that each contain a lake that pours into one another in a tiered formation. A good western point for our territory. Anan warns us of elves, wyverns, and other native dangers that use the lakes. 

Monday October 2nd. We teleport before dawn to the three sided lakes startling some birds, glow bugs, wolves and dogs- eventually horns explode as we make our advance to the top lake to add our taint to its placid waters. 

This provoked a response from Hera who clouded the upper lake with fog. Parakosis followed up with an Ice storm. Jaren cast true seeing and moved out of the ice storm. Versel double moved into the icestorm 100'. Durg double move out of the ice storm. Auge resets his initiative. 

Auge double moves out of the ice storm and closer to the upper lake. Hera and Parakosis do things. Jaren evades the moving ice storm and fog. Versel continues to rush into the ice storm and rolls a will save. Durg ends his movement 140' closer to the lakes. 

Auge continues his movement up and toward the upper lake. Hera brings about an interposing hand in front of Versel. Parakosis cast a green electrical effect at Versel to which he responds "don't make me come get you" Durg enters the fog and makes a will save. At the end of the round a draconic voice sarcastically responds to Versel. 

We begin next session at the top of round four.  

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