Monday, August 11, 2014

On a plane far far away

Palmarium’Og opened his eyes, confused, his memory cloudy. The smells of spring were overwhelming, the sounds of nature rich and fulfilling.  The elf drew a deep breath staring up at  a towering humanoid creature with shining topaz eyes, metallic skin, and three pairs of white wings. The elf’s breath caught as memories of his own recent death returned in full force, his last memory being pummeled to death by a red scaled draconic humanoid bearing the mark of greed.  The fear of impending death returned, only held in check by the realization that he was now in Il├║vatiar’s embrace in the fields of Elysium. The creature above Palmarium introduced itself as Tiar’Ne Procella, the symbols of Il├║vatiar covering his armor and Greatsword. The situation was overwhelming to the elven archer who couldn’t help but wonder why he had been saved.  The angelic Solar patiently waited while Palmarium’Og regained his senses and control of his emotions.

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