Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1, 000 Years of Jerit McCaugh

Faced with an entire new world to explore, the half-elven son of the former high mage of the Evening Isles Jerit McCaugh took up the family's quest in being the ultimate source of magical knowledge.
 Traveling the world over, creating detailed records of the magics he encountered, as well as the actual communities they grew up around, Jerit became a known figure to several of the world's societies.
 Once the McCaugh felt he had covered enough of the world's mysteries, Jerit retired to the elven dutchy of Miar Moshea, the home duchy of his mother. Moving into the forests, he created a tower by magically twisting 5 huge redwoods into a single spire. Bringing a halfling assassin, and the halfling's wife and children, into his service as a butler and cook. Jerit is now busy publishing his writings and intends on finding a wife and having his remaining relatives continue to flesh out his research.

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