Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Death of Voluntatis the Bronze

Coralis’ face was stained with still flowing tears, the tragedy that had befallen River Wheel Falls was beyond Coralis’ imagining.  Never before had the elf drawn a breath without the presence and protection of Voluntatis the Bronze.  Word of the breaking of the dam and destruction of much of the water works had already been sent to the Elven tribes and Centaur City. 

Misoak was dead! For several moments Coralis sobbed, his body wracked with a grief that shook the high priest to his core.

Coralis gathered his thoughts and focus, taking a moment to pray.  With his mind calmed the high priest realized that the defeat and destruction of Voluntatis and his spouse was probably the first attack in a draconic war.  The first attack had come while Misoak’s patron Industria sleeps. Opening his eyes from prayer, Coralis knew he must endeavor to awake the Dragon.

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