Friday, March 8, 2013

When it rains...

It was raining again in the streets of Waterdeep; the kind of rain that comes down as small wet ice shards that harmed exposed animals, individuals, and caused innumerable minor inconveniences from frozen doors to broken bones. Different people referred to it in different ways, the most common was sleet and with the damp ice came the penetrating cold that rendered hearth fires woefully inept. The sleet was a curse… or blessing, according to old tales of lore about the gods Umberlee and Auril after the contest for the Sword Coast before written history. 

“I miss the warm golden sky of Calimshan,” Greywolf said to his compatriot making an obvious gesture to the miserable weather.

Wykkar remained silent however. Many of Greywolf’s banter fell flat as of late on the assassin. Wykkar was not a sentimental type toward anyone aside from his oldest friend Greywolf, but the disappearance of an agent—especially now, had everyone concerned.  

Without warning Wykkar took his friend by the arm and ducked into the Pampered Traveler so that the natural course of movement would indicate the two intended to pass the establishment but instead bounded low up the steps and in just inside the wide deck. Wykkar believed someone was following them. Greywolf trusting his partner followed his lead into cover where they quickly exchanging hats and cloaks.

Greywolf emerged casually from his spot and glanced down at who was following them. It was an unfortunate looking creature that quickly evaded notice after a brief pause as whomever this was considered its options. Then, with its back to the Shadow Thieves, it took a step disappearing into the background folds of the city.

Inside the Pampered Traveler Wykkar and Greywolf preceded to the business table, a corner booth Mason Thorvald reserves for palavers such as this one.

Towards the end of the night when the darkness is deepest Kalina, Lady Darkness, emerges from the shadows with impatient eyes.

“You were followed.” She remarked. 

“Yes.” Wykkar said without hesitation. 

Without further discourse Greywolf handed the Mistress of Thieves seven scraps of parchment containing the identities of individuals in possession of aspects.  

Yamun Kahan, an Uthgardt war chief who this winter, has become the scourge of Goldenfields. (War, Luck) ** Information gained from Briar through Briosar Helmsing, Anarakin, and Tehtira Bellsilver

Delrach the Vile (Undeath, Repose) 

The Avatar of Umberlee (Storm, Ocean)

Nobilius (Nobility)

Eriadne Thann (Travel)

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