Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sometimes called the Breadbasket of the North, Goldenfields is a walled abbey that was founded over a decade ago by the priest Tolgar Anuvien Pastoral of Chauntea and retired senior member of the Blinkstone Companions.

Once only a small farm lost in the rolling sweep of the grassy Dessarin meadows, Goldenfields has grown into the largest abbey of Chauntea in the Seven Realms. It stands today a fortified farm complex sprawling 20 square miles. Within its walls, thousands devout worshipers of Chauntea and now Mielikki and Silvanus tend crops of grain, vegetables, as well as livestock.

A member of the Lord’s Alliance it nevertheless supplies food to Waterdeep and most of the inland settlements like Amphail and The Bargewright. With its increasing importance, the influence and stature of Tolgar Anuvien has also grown making him also a fancied political figure. He is quickly becoming the equal of such rulers as Lord Nasher of Neverwinter and the Waterbaron of Yartar.

Walled and jealously guarded, most folk of Faerûn are staggered by the sheer size of Goldenfields; claiming it to be ‘a paradise of plenty’ promised during the Time of Troubles.

All plans at expansion have halted as clerics and priests have driven off more than 20 large-scale Uthgardt barbarian raids this year. 

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