Thursday, March 21, 2013

The People's Pantheon

Lord of Battles and Master of Blades
Kelemvor Lyonsbane: Protection, Strength, War, Pride, Wrath, Limbo (Warriors Rest)

Vigilant Warrior and Merchant's Friend
Carmichael Hawkwinter: Law, Protection, Planning, Strength, Humility, Trade, Celestia (Everwatch)

God of Knowledge and Lord of Texts
Leofric Perth: Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery, Pride, Elysium

Lady of Spells and Arcane Magic
Syndra Wands: Illusion, Knowledge, Spell, Rune, Summoning, Charm, Mechanus 

The Healing Hand and Maiden of Beauty 
 Aymee Tallmost: Charm, Nobility, Healing, Lust, Protection, Arborea (Brightwater)

Lady of Fortunes and Wealth
Heilean Eather: Luck, Protection, Travel, Generosity, Wealth, Arborea 

Lord of Invention and Craft
Cortland Andrus: Knowledge, Craft, Earth, Fire, Metal, Planning, Mechanus


Russ said...

A lot of overlapping Aspects. In fact they all have at least one that someone else in their group has. They all but cornered the market on Protection. Very different build than our group for sure.

harrygoblin said...

interesting that so many of them still have a seventh aspect to claim

James Caruso said...

With one more to go: Heilean, Aymee, and Kelemvor.