Friday, January 4, 2013

The Zhentarim

The Zhentarim or the Black Network in some Realms are a collection of egotistical evil arcane spellcasters, clerics and priests, as well as warriors, and rogues by the hundreds each devoted to attaining dominance and ruler-ship over everything in their preview. It is a organization of many intelligent races unified in their wanton desire for power.

Anything that cannot be controlled outright must be threatened into compliance or hobbled and crippled so that it can never pose a threat. This desire to rule manifests itself in many ways in the objectives of the Zhentarim, which in the North seem to encompass: Establish a monopoly on trade between the Moonsea, the Sea of Fallen Stars, and the Cities of The Sword Coast, in particular Waterdeep. Destroy all who stand in the way of these objectives.

 Through blood dampened lips the corpse of Oran spoke the names of seven Black Network agents secretly operating in Waterdeep: Maskul Mirrormane, Lord Ferestian Halaster, Vicarzo DeMarcain, Delrach the Vile, Boris Nahal, Rikus and Wijon.

Boris Nahal was raised in the ways of the Black Network. He is a fierce brute who has never fled from or avoided a battle. He observes the disciplines of the Zhentarim and his clan with crewel bloodthirsty abandon. Like other members of The Strangers he is able to seamlessly blend unnoticed into any city's power structure and take control.

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