Monday, March 4, 2013

Journal entry Eva (The return to Waterdeep)

Waterdeep, what was once my home now feels so alien to me. The Firelance influence led by the church of Gond has transformed much of the city into a fortified version of itself. Much of the glorious architecture has been replaced with reinforced stone & steel. Fear of attacks from the sea, & the skies has forced them to barricade themselves in. Not that I blame them, I suppose when your primary faith is based around craft & construction it would seem prudent. Still, the magic that was once part of this great city seems lost to me now.

After the events of Amphail things have changed for me. It had been to long since we fell a dragon. Our latest ritual has granted me a level of power I had only dreamed of a year ago. The distractions of meeting Yvonne, catching up with Briar & Kalina, and the first real feeling of sanctuary in months had blinded me to that fact. But with the return home the realization has become somewhat overwhelming.

Since my arrival, most of the commoners now appear to me as semi translucent. Almost a preview of how they will come before me on the day of their passing. If I focus on a specific face I can look past this and see them for what they really are. But as I walk down the crowded streets it feels like wading through a sea of vagrants. I feel somewhat conflicted, should I pity these souls, or torment them? Has Fate chosen this as their existence, or is it their own complacency that makes me resent them? One thing is for sure; if this is how the dead see the living, I now understand why so many are driven mad.

Fortunately I cannot look into the souls of everyone. Those who are accomplished, or whose Fate has not been fulfilled are unchanged. It is these specific individuals I find myself drawn to. People who have, or are destined to perform great deeds, the ones who will shape our world after I am gone. Perhaps these feelings of alienation have come from a lack of peers instead of the battlements that now adorn the walls of my home.

Having been in the presence of my brothers for so long these commoners seem insubstantial. The day to day dealings with these individuals no longer appeals to me. While increasing the influence of my faith seems more important than ever, I feel that commoners need only fear my wrath. A true follower, one who meets their fate (and ultimately their death) with conviction shall be coveted.

Now I must focus my attention to future events. Forming alliances with those who plan on taking the stair & seeking out important relics that will assure our ascension seem prudent. I must also reunite with Syndra and Aymee. We have been gone a while, I am sure there are many things I need to be informed of. Have they found a seventh member to join our cause? The lich formerly known as Maerlyn Gorsomm needs to be dealt with. I would much rather seek him out instead of await his inevitable ambush. Could he be convinced to join my faith? If not I am sure Arcanum would look forward to a rematch against its ancient foe. And before my morality strays to far from civilization, I should set precedence and complete the ceremony I vowed to. Binding my husband’s to me, and create the hierarchy within my church. My list of tasks seems to be forever growing while my time here continues to diminish. Perhaps Damian is right, I could not afford to lose much time before Ascension Day.