Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tales Outside the Black Crown

Reiner & his twin brother Bertz had waited a long time for their Black Crown membership. Having attended over half a dozen mixers they had yet to find a sponsor who would buy in to their talents. They had managed to reach an agreement with the council six months of service in exchange for a demonstration of their abilities. The solstice had marked the culmination of their indentured servitude & their time had come. Unfortunately the events of the solstices had taken the councils attention and the brothers had another week to wait. Fortunately they were allowed library access & time to work on their demonstration until the council was ready.

For two days they had watched this dragon man workout in the courtyard. The power and fierceness of a wild beast, but the control and patience of a battle seasoned warrior. He was strong anyone could see that, but his moves weren’t clumsy as you would have expected for his size. He had received training somewhere, a lot of training by the looks of him. His routines were flawless as if he had done them a thousand times before. With his assistance the council would have to take them seriously. He was definitely a fighter, not like the brother they had worked with before.

They had first encountered Jaren last week. He along with several others had been ordered to clear snow routes through the city. They had seen him around the crown but never this close. They marveled at his abilities and physical presence. They thought for sure the very nature of this creature would coincide with their own passions. Raw magical talent combine with his natural fighting ability would make him a force worthy of allegiance. If they could get him to participate in the demonstration surely the council would see them as a viable resource. But after some investigation realized he was forgoing his god given ability’s and was taking the path of the “typical” wizard. They considered approaching him on the subject but quickly thought better of it.

After the second day they had finally worked up the courage to approach the fighter. They had a plan to open with “Hi we know your brother Jaren” they hoped that was enough of an in, not to be eaten for breakfast. If he would help train them in melee combat and the other members of the crown saw their skill in action the council would have no choice but to accept them. They shook hands (possibly for the last time) and approached the dragon as he began his morning routine.


robm1171 said...

Gotta admit, took a lot of balls to come up to you. I think i may've tried another line, other than saying they "knew" Jaren though lol

James said...

Yea, it was 'Please don't eat us!' :)

Russ said...

Well you guys know Jaren is fond of taking in "strays". It seems not a day goes buy he is introducing us to a new follower we are not allowed to eat. I guess these guys were hoping I believed they were more of the same.