Monday, November 15, 2010


Li Song unsheathed her magical sword and whispered the syllables to awaken the wind spirit housed within its cold wrought blade.

“Xen Shi, I beacon you wind spirit. Aid me in this battle so that I may restore honor to my family and my people.” Her gaze fell upon the mountain river and the multiple obelisks fashioned in the shape of Ch’iu-Lung, a great and ancient dragon.

In Li Song’s eastern culture, dragons permeate the realm’s architecture, art, and fashion. Indeed, depictions of the Great Scaled Ones demand great respect so much so that it is disrespectful to disfigure the image of a dragon. Li Song would defy her teachings and expose her quarry as the great liar and seducer it was.

Ch’iu-Lung was not, as Li Song discovered a great and wise Scaled One, but a schemer and a demon. Ch’iu-Lung was the genius of all her eastern homeland’s woes and suffering despite the offerings and sacraments bestowed in hopes of placating him. Ch’iu-Lung promised fertile crops of rice and times of peace from the encroaching monster races form the west. In spite of everything he promised her people where hungry and battle weary. It was all a lie.

Li Song’s blade Xen Shi, took her on a spirit walk to show her the truth. In this walk the sword showed her the generations of deceit and devilry Ch’iu-Lung wrought. Li Song would have honor restored.

She inhaled deeply hoping it would not be her last.

“Demon! I have learned the truth of your lies. Your sinful influence ends here!”

The river boiled and writhed, the ground trembled before Li Song and she swallowed with trepidation. With a great surge of water and a deafening roar the Great Scaled One Ch’iu-Lung emerged from the placid river.

“Little Song, why do you beacon me, do you not know there are customs to be observed? Such disregard for tradition is disrespectful to me and dishonors your family. Are you so prideful to ignore such practice?” said the dragon with distain and much malice.

“You are the interloper dragon and I will not suffer my people your sinful influence of anymore!” Li Song announced with courage and raised her blade, poised for attack.

The dragon reared and exhaled a stream of feted water that smelled of death and decay. Song brought her sword to shield the attack and rolled to a nearby obelisk. On her feet, Li Song continued her momentum and came around to Ch’iu-Lung’s rear and slashed deeply into the dragons ancient scales.

A roar of disbelief followed. Ch’iu-Lung had never before suffered an attack like that save for once when his mother was killed by a cleric of the winds. That sword! Was that the same blade?

Li Song pressed the attack while Ch’iu-Lung was writhing in agony. Slashing and striking, the dragon’s scales opened like so much paper under the legendary edge of Xen Shi.

The dragon could not hope to defeat her while she wielded that weapon. Ch’iu-Lung began to speak ancient incantations, a spell of power gathered on his scaled lips. With arcane power the dragon pointed his talon finger at little Song and a moment later she was gone, no longer a threat to him.

(Meanwhile on the other side of the world.)

Li Song appeared in mid sword swing near the edge of the world disk. Disorientation threatened to spill her over the edge, but she was able to recover quickly. The dragon had used magic to unwillingly transport her far away from him. Devilishly clever, she thought. She had been castled! Li Song perceived her new surroundings and found an opulent city on this incredible island disk over endless sea waters. She saw people of all races and houses, buildings and roads. She had not the magic to return her home; she would have to discover the resources to do so.

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