Friday, November 5, 2010

Tales of the best laid plans

Hammer admired their bravery but after seeing the exchange between Carpaletti and The Nightstalker’s apprentice he knew they were in over their heads. The “wingotaurs” as one of Nissian’s children referred to them were a real scare for the invisible ogre. If that’s what the apprentice worked with then the rumors about Nightstalker’s power were true, incredible and growing. Hammer’s friend at the Black Crown claimed that the Nightstalker was why Nissian left Stormhaven. Hammer doubted that but none the less, Nissian would have his hands full with the Nightstalker, what were his offspring doing taking his minions on? Hammer had been following “Son Commodities” since their revelation of his brother’s death. He had to be sure their motives were what the dragon creatures claimed. Near as he could tell they were. After the “wingotaurs” left, carrying their slaves, there was some argument between the remaining groups and Hammer was unwilling to get close enough to find out what they were after.

So my brother is dead, wrapped up in some assassination plot, and they are digging around in the Nightstalker’s plans and plots. Hammer wanted to avenge his brother’s death but knew he was unwilling to risk eternal torment in hell or existence as some horrible undead creature to do it. Some time in the Driftdowns seemed to be in order. Hammer knew his meeting with them in the morning would be a risk but they had told him about his brother and showed uncommon bravery. Hammer would risk the meeting and then make himself scarce. Were it not so close to the winter solstice he would consider a job taking him out of Stormhaven, for now he would have to hole up for a few months and test the air in the spring.

Hammer took to the sky, flying back towards his rooftop home, deep in thought, cloaked in invisibility, his last thoughts being a hope that Son Commodities would serve a good breakfast. A thin green ray struck the back of his head, bathing it in green light before the head disintegrated, his corpse falling to the grounds below. A wingotaur soon landed near the dead ogre magi’s body, easily picking up the dead weight and flew off into the night.

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James said...

Too bad, I was hoping we could get Hammer to eventually work for us. Damn wigotaurs.