Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales from the Driftdowns

Hammish smiled at Yuri, a full toothed grin that held little warmth or honesty, but was the best the ½ orc could muster. “Another ship Yuri, will this one be changing its name to Foamchaser like the others?” Yuri shook his head and took out his notes, “No Hammish, it is to be made to look like this ship, as near as possible in the time allowed, and as you can see, it is to be re-christened The Black Kracken.”

Yuri handed him the scroll and waited for the ½ orc to complain about the short turn around time and wasn’t disappointed. “Before the Solstice! Godin must think I work only for him! If he truly wants this, he must realize I will have to hire…” Hammish stopped in mid-complaint, the large gem in Yuri’s palm bringing him to a halt.

Yuri interrupted, “This should be enough payment to cover all your expenses and then some but Godin said to tell you that if the job is done well enough, the real Black Kracken will be yours to detail, use or sell within the first few weeks after delivery. “ Unable to stop himself Hammish snatched the gem and quickly looked about to see if anyone was preparing to strike him down.

“Godin knows how to get things done! Finally a ship of my own, tell Godin it will be as he instructs.” The ½ orc hurried away from their meeting place, gem and scroll of instructions in hand. Yuri left the happy shipwright and navigated the central pier crowds, until he found himself near the tavern. Smiling, Yuri was happy that the ½ orc wasn’t as smart as he was skilled or surely he would have asked for more gems, of which Yuri still had four in his neck pouch. Godin usually allowed him to keep a couple whenever he came out ahead.

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