Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knowledge Strategy & Tactics (Int/Trained)

Knowledge Strategy & Tactics (Int/Trained)

You are educated in one field of study and are capable of answering both simple and complex questions. Knowledge represents a study of some body of lore, possibly an academic or even scientific discipline.

Identify a single opponent’s fighting style or tactic DC 20

Identify a group of opponent’s tactics DC 15 + CR (Note they must be working together)

GM may allow a +2 Synergy bonus with certain other knowledge skills (Minimum 5 Ranks) if they apply, for instance if in combat with a planar creature and you also have a Knowledge Planar.

Benefit against a single opponent: For a number of rounds equal to your characters level receive a +1 Dodge bonus to AC.

Benefit against a group of opponents aligned together: Adjust your initiative up or down by 2. Must make a successful check each time you want to adjust initiative. Also receive a +1 Dodge bonus to Reflex Saving throws for the round.

Note that in certain situations, some skills could receive a synergy bonus from someone with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge Strategy & Tactics at the GM’s discretion. Some possible examples are Sense Motive, Perception, Diplomacy, and Profession Gambler.

Russ this is in response to your excellent Journal Entry. You will receive 1 Rank in this skill for free and it is considered a class skill for you.


Russ said...

You also gave me a rank in this skill from a previous post. :-)

Gordzilla said...

Yes but I wanted to detail the skill and its uses, make it more concrete. Keep up the great posts:)