Friday, November 5, 2010

Journal Entry (Auge Von Bulle)

Journal Entry:
I had a dream last night where I was perched upon a great stone wall. I could see, feel, taste and hear everything and anything I desired. I was not alone; evil was all around me. From my vantage I could see this evil; other dragons were also looking down greedily upon their respective territories and kingdoms. Our influence stretched into eternity. We were gods and we were dragons; avatars of sin. We had achieved our highest form. Generations of dragons in the line of Mother that spun farther than I would have thought possible.

Suddenly a burst, no it was more than that. It was a sudden existence of light- as a brilliant sun instantaneously appeared destroying the wall and penetrating the kingdoms of sin. This radiance brought with it a tonal resonance that began to decimate the dragon-gods in destructive waver after wave, causing their dragon-hearts to explode directly out of their chest. The dire roars of agony and wails of draconic despair were almost too much to bear. As I felt my heart begin to vibrate, threatening to burst from my chest; I spoke the wish Father bestowed upon me. In my dream, I wished to at last know my truename. Not to save my life because that was at its end. I wished so that I may influence my afterlife so that only I control where my soul would spend the rest of eternity. Then I awoke.

Lab Entry: Better use for the pass without a trace potion.
Argument: It is a one use item that removes traces of passage including scent; we don’t walk much and our enemies have yet to track us by scent.
Conclusion: Discover a way either we all enjoy its benefits or change its function.

(Several arcane equations intermixing alchemical formulations follow; in the margin written in bold is the number 119 as well as step by step notes distilling the potion down to a dust and adding the necessary components to create Dust of Tracelessness (pf 150).)

Notes: This will be adequate to hide our presence should we need; as well as any evidence of battles, thefts or maybe to cover our escape.

Lab Entry: It is achievable to use a Shield Wand as a component to improve Vercer’s gloves should he desire.


Gordzilla said...

It is possible to use said shield component, but remember to use the cost of the Dust of Tracelessness into the overall cost to add to Vercer's gloves.

James said...

The Dust is created from the Potion of Pass without a Trace. Vercer's gloves are a different item using the shield component. :)

I have all the costs figured and show ya tomorrow night.