Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/24/10 Review

Noon. We began our session with a visit to Twilight House and a meeting with our guild house patron Arkeil. The Twilight House grounds were all amass with newcomers to Stormhaven from ports abroad, most in some kind of state of shock and disarray- perhaps not fully understanding their situation and or location. Auge exercised some of his roguish skills and made a business contact with Gin and Sani Habib before we finally located Arkeil (magically casing the new arrivals) and presented our plan on renovating our building in the Rat’s Nest. Willing to accommodate in a couple of ways we eventually settled on him receiving an equal share in Sons Commodities,15k in liquid funds to which we could begin our endeavors and The Black Kraken; a ship that was due to dock this week.

Our palaver with Arkeil netted some information on the Nightstalker in that Arkeil believes the Nightstalker is quite possibly a drow lich. We also gained a bag of holding and its magical contents that prompted a round of hoard building.

2pm. We visited the dwarf tattooist Tamaros where Auge was accepted as his apprentice for the meanwhile. The dwarf also showed enthusiasm when told of the fate of the Red Quill proprietor, Tamaros took the rest of the day off.

From here our brotherhood split up and explored personal affairs. Vercer to the Hall of Voices to observe and make contacts, Durg to the Lair for some much needed rest, while Jaren and Auge spent the large portion of that night at the residence of Melhaela Leonia and the Black Crown membership. During the event, several people were met and eventually two sponsors emerged from the crowd: Auge- Viviana Crisida, a smoking hot half elf and from out of a trio of prospective wizards, Nefraiti ZanFlib an outsider interested in sponsoring Jaren.

The next three days were set aside for menial tasks and crafting. We received 1500 xp and will pick up next session on Friday morning where we expect to escort Claret and Larratia Pauchard and Raice to the Black Kraken and who knows what Durg has in store for Kallistrate Edana, the Spellscale from the Black Crown. 

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