Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Ring of Fire


Maradrell finished her speech reporting to the other twenty five members of the Cabal. It had been a thorough recounting of her and Markalis Cryssal’s tribulations under the mental domination of the Illithids along with their liberation by the Bouvaldian Ambassador’s. The chamber was silent as the masters thought over a multitude of new information.  No one spoke for several minutes while Maradrell provided the script of her speech to Master Secretary Grintus who would be responsible for entering it into their archives.


“Before we discuss this further, do we have any other witnesses among us?” Master Lipson inquired. 

The disturbing rumble of the Catman’s voice responded, “Not yet a member, we have a not only a witness but a petitioner Ornap Caroom to apprentice among us.” 

Master Lipson nodded his understanding, “Before we bring in the petitioner, I think its obvious that we need to discuss the possibility, no , correct that, the probability that our ancient enemies have found us.  Without the heroic actions of the Ambassadors, two of our members would have been stripped of all secrets by the planar wordsmith, Cothar.”
Other voices concurred, one adding, “Even if they hadn’t outright killed Markalis and Maradrell they would have probably ended up in the Jailer’s prison.”

Maradrell shivered and Markalis resonded, his voice dark with dread, “No, we felt the illithid’s desires, he,” Markalis sobbed before continuing, “IT fed on our magical energies…they call our heads apples, our very minds were to be consumed!”

For several moments silence retook the chamber, all members of the cabal considering the Cryssal’s recent suffering and the ramifications to their ancient order.  Fowler, the apprentice Catman that had spoken earlier raised a clawed hand, signaling Master Sevanius who signaled it was permissible to speak, “Masters and fellow members, we have been in hidings for so long.  Our purpose is not served in cowardice.  If we are to die to an enemy let us die in effort not in hiding.  Our original mission is to protect our world from catastrophes like the one that destroyed the ancient world but our thought if not our focus is too narrow.  What protection do we offer if while monitoring volcanoes we fall to protect ourselves and others from the monstrous threats that plague our world?”
As was their common practice, moments of contemplation were provided over whatever words were offered.  Fowler knew his words were bold but was confident that the other members would be receptive to honest dialogue.  Soon several masters were nodding and conversations grew in the chamber.

Master Lipson eventually raised his voice, “Let us hear from Ornap Caroom, he too interacted with The Ambassadors and I am in need of a new apprentice.”  


James Caruso said...


The Cabal of the same name who monitor volcanoes. Nice

Gordzilla said...

Did you see where the Ring of Fire is located?

James Caruso said...

yes, the ring of volcanic activity around the Pacific ocean