Thursday, October 6, 2016

10/05/16 Virtues Session 61: The Enemy Has An Avatar

We begin this week’s session battling Rune giants, rune-spell casters, the gnome Larosse Se-MarQuay, as well as the great war dogs inside the flying tower’s inner fortress. One by one giants fell to our spells and weapons including Larosse who, when defeated, left behind a shroud of skin like an Avatar would. A gust of air foreshadowed the presence of a dragon; not just any dragon, but a daughter of the dragon of lust.

In the final moments of battle one of the rune-casters, Barlie- a female, surrendered to Dolgrin who promised leniency and freedom in return for information and help. She explains her people are indentured to Caelum Rex for a period of ten years in exchange for training and exotic magic by the Master of the Word.

Kyras notes the chalk maps drawn on the walls, in a giant scale, that seem to indicate nautical maps of the cloud continent’s path and where and when it intersects with the Evening Isles. Rydin flys to where the dragon originated from looking for an advantage to find a chamber that reeked of a feminine dragon. 

We regroup and using information from Barlie we magically travel to the first level, as undead appear, arriving in a magically darkened chamber protected by guards and wards, but not before we watch the dragon make calculated passes over the hundreds of winged Minotaur and giant-kin agitating and terrifying them all into a frenzy.

After dispelling the magical darkness and the wards our characters see about in various and adjacent rooms a half dozen gnomes, stone and storm giants, troll-ettins, plus a chamber containing several members of the Ring of Fire Cabal. Then we see in the map/navigation room,  contains a massive crystal hanging from the ceiling, as well as collections of maps and scrolls, surrounded by three giant drow wearing cone head-gear as well as giant driders as large as elephants.

It is here where we begin next session. Recovered from the remains of Larosse Se-MarQuay: Oil of Keen edge, eyes of the eagle, 5 CLW potions, and 5 CSW potions. 

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