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" A Druid's Bag of Tricks"

This old, fine book is a masterwork spellbook, though it holds no spells or arcane notes. A thick leather spine is attached to covers of polished darkwood that always have a rich gleam, as if they had just been oiled. The book holds 150 pages of green tinted vellum that have been sewn to a leather spine and glued to the covers. The entire book has been treated with unguent of timelessness, and is in pristine condition despite its great age. The text and illustrations are inscribed with a glistening ink made of tree sap, mercury and silver powder. The book's author identifies himself often, signing the cover and nearly every illustration with his name, Elnar Allylan. The text clearly reveals him as a ranger, and the book is written in a flowing, precise elven script. It is never revealed in the book who the druid is that teaches him all the things he records in this eloquent collection of lore.

The first 25 pages list detailed instructions on how to make the three types of Bag of Tricks from the core rulebook. It includes drawings of the rare plants, herbs and oils to be worked into the pelts of the types of animals to be summoned. These ingredients actually make up most of the expenses in the construction of these items.

The next 25 pages give instructions and description of a fourth type of Bag of Tricks, called a Druid's Bag of Tricks. Instead of holding random selections of animals, these bags are designed to hold specific animals that are called forth like the creatures in a bag of tricks. These animals are wondrous items in their own right, called Trick Totems, and are created with a process described later in the book. A druids bag can hold any number of Trick Totems, but the bag itself doesn't summon forth animals as the lesser versions do. Any trick Totem pulled from a Druid's Bag has a duration of up to 1 hour instead of 10 minutes. Any Totem stored in a Druid's bag need only rest 4 hours before being called again. Caster level 9; med conjuration; slot - ; price 16000 gp
Requirements: craft wondrous item ; summon nature's ally V ; cost 8000 gp

The next 50 pages detail the harvest and preparation of animal and dire animal pelts to craft them into Trick Totems. A Trick Totem comes in three levels of power: least, lesser, and greater. A least Totem can be made of any animal with a CR of 3 or less. Lesser totems are made of any animal with a CR 4-6, and greater totems are used to conjure an animal with a CR 7-12. Most Totems are made of dire versions of animals. Totems can be stored in a Bag of Tricks, and indeed must rest in one between summonings. They are never summoned randomly by the Bag they are in, nor do they count against the one at a time rule for animals summoned out of a Bag. In fact, any number of Totems may be summoned from the Bag that Carries them. A Totem serves as any other animal from the bag would, for up to 10 minutes. After it's used, a totem must rest for 8 hours before it can be summoned again. Note that Totems stored in a Druid's Bag have extended duration and lessened rest times. A gray Bag of Tricks can hold 3 Trick Totems. A rust Bag can hold as many as 5 Trick Totems. A tan Bag can hold up to 10 Totems. A Druid's Bag can hold any number of Totems.

least totem CL 9 ; moderate conjuration ; slot - ; price 1700. Requirements; craft wondrous item, summon nature's ally II, hide from animal ; cost 850 gp

lesser totem CL 9 ; moderate conjuration ; slot - ; price 4250 gp. Requirements: craft wondrous item, summon nature's ally IV, animal hide ; cost 2175 gp.

greater totem CL 9 ;moderate conjuration ; slot - ; price 8000 gp. Requirements: craft wondrous item, summon nature's ally V, animal hide ; cost 4000 gp

These 50 pages are filled with illustrations and notes on expert techniques of skinning and tanning the hides of nearly every dire animal and their mundane cousins found in the authors home forest. Illustrations of rare plants and herbs needed for the treatment of these hides are also included in that section.

The next 25 pages describe a mystical ceremony by which creation of Trick Totems is possible without any knowledge of the spells or feats normally required. The author describes and illustrates an exceptionally rare night flowering vine found only in remote groves of a forest. He gives a meticulous account of the process to correctly harvest and dry and grind the blossoms, and mix them with a blend of pollens , and spring water from a magic pool that the author claims brought beloved pets back to life. When a hide is treated this way, it is transformed into a Trick Totem.

The last 25 pages are the authors illustrations, notes, and lore research into 5 different magical beasts. Giant Eagles, griffons, pegasus, hippogriffs and manticores are all written about in some detail.

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