Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tales from the Circle of Eight

While the story remains popular bard's tale even today, nevertheless no one quite remembers just how long the tradition of the Regifting had been observed…

Looking down at the hand dealt to him and then over the pile of gold to the seven other wizards and magi who were in-kind drawn into card game, Mordenkainen grimaced as he did not have the gold to wager for much longer. Mordenkainen was an inner planes traveler and current leader in the Circle of Eight, a group of arcane spellcasters from across the known worlds.

“It is to you Mord and your copious resources!” mused Finian Garwoode a rude wizard from the Realms known for his tricks and misdirections."or would your rather employ... 'creative tactics' to tip the balance in your favor?"

Fisban the Fabulous, a power from Krynn, looked down his nose at Garwoode and snorted- seriously at his end with incessant taunts of that one. He nevertheless kept out of this new contest at the table as their was more at stake here than just the gold at the table.

Mordenkainen regarded his colleges and then his cards. “I’ll see your raise Garwoode of the brown robe,” pushing the meager remains of his gold into the pot. “And raise you a... MAGICAL SWORD."

Fisban hid his face in his hands as Mordenkainen reached into the sleeves of his astral robes and produced a lusterless dark longsword and placed it upon the table in front of the Circle of Eight.

Before Garwoode could protest Fisban interjected, “You know the stakes here Mordenkainen. Who here could or would brandish such a weapon?” "What..."

“Its ok,” Garwoode announced to the surprise of the Circle, and with a smile said “Let him win his gold back.”

Garwoode walked away later that night with most of the gold and the magical sword.

At their next palaver, the Circle was treated to song and dance as Mordenkainen celebrated his birthday. Wishing no ill will toward a fellow wizard of the Circle of Eight and because it would continue the rivalry; Garwoode gifted the sword back to the man of the hour: Mordenkainen.

And so as a present on golden birthdays, anniversaries, or a gift at graduations or dedications, the same magical longsword was passed along to a new bearer as 'initiation' into a select group of elite wizards, magi and sorcerers that continuously regift Mordenkeinen’s Sword.

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James said...

(Wayne) I've seen that triangle symbol before. It's on the blade and the scabbard.