Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tales from behind the mask.

“I have news Koris Jaradeth admits, though quietly- that criminal activity is increasing in every ward.” Chad “the Chameleon” stated with pride trying to discern a reaction, hoping that his information was more valuable to the masked priestess than his counterpart who waited his turn to speak.

The Chameleon stood easy, wearing matching bracers and boots of Catoblepas hide and the trappings of the High Ward; he has single thin blade styled with a coiled chameleon. For months since his arrival, he has tried in vain to join or simply gather a small fellowship of rouges to improve his financial condition. Recently things have changed and there is intrigue afoot. “I believe that this marks the beginning of organized crime to Waterdeep.”

The masked priestess stood perfectly still, her perfume overwhelming the senses of both initiates. Wearing robes of the sheerest material coupled with the lantern light from behind accentuated her shapely athletic figure. With the voice of silk she thanks Chad and asks Bartolus Menk to present his information.

“Mother there are newly discovered passage ways behind the few known trapped doors in the Dungeon of the Crypt under the City of the Dead. With these doors now overcome, new unknown riches await down these unexplored passages.” Grasping his ogre-bane longsword and waiving his other arm for emphasis.

Bartolus Menk was an imposing figure, scars and muscles covered his average frame. His boots give him the swiftness to use two blades in combat- a feat of both strength and speed. Bartolus grew up in the punishing streets of Waterdeep learning how to fight at an early age. Going from job to job as a mercenary to city guard in the City of the Dead; he recently settled on an adventuring career.

“My companions did not return as I from the large skeleton warriors we first encountered unfortunately. But with a more capable group…” Bartolus let his voice trail off hoping his implied plea would be understood.

The priestess grinned and worked these two initiates into her plan. Indeed explore the passages and if they return all the better; she will then focus every resource at her disposal in the church to bring about the end of house Roaringhorn.

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