Sunday, August 21, 2011

Journal entry Eva (On the road to Secomber)

Eva awoke early on the 6th day; she had hardly slept that night. Going about her morning chores she continued to recite her words in her mind. She knew there would only be one chance to address the group on the subject that had seemed to tear them apart.

Wayne’s condition hadn’t changed. The dead stares & random mumblings had become her trademark over the years. Seeing Wayne in this condition she could see why people reacted to her as they did. “Tempest, guide him back to us if that is his destiny” she prayed.

Turning to face the company she meets the gaze of every member in turn. Her once radiant eyes now cold and dark showed no signs of life. Her eyes locked with Chadwick’s as she spoke “fear not our litter bearers” she said. They have no quarrel with us, their ambitions for wealth and power departed this world with their souls. Their souls have proudly taken their place in the Wall of Faithlessness. The City of Judgment is Myrkul’s realm. His hospitality is well renowned, they shall not return to us in this lifetime.

I have faced the prejudice of the dead my whole life. Those that fear the dead are blinded by the thought of what they may become. So they strike out, because they have been taught to fear death. As if ridding the world of the walking dead would save their souls. They only think of the dead as abominations against nature. But I say the walking dead are just another tool in the cycle of life.

We have been taught to be resourceful. When Tauron hunts a dear and makes the kill he isn’t limited to use certain parts of his quarry and discard the rest. He takes the meat for our dinner, the organs & entrails are fed to his dogs. He can take the hide for clothing or tack; the bones can be made into tools or weapons none of this is seen as unnatural. The walking dead are an extension of this, just another resource to be used.

Life is like a potion. Strong and potent each one created for a purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled the potion is expended, the vial discarded without a second thought. But there are a precious few of us that have been blessed with a gift. Those of us resourceful enough to use those discarded vials. We can benefit from the walking dead, as one benefits from the hunt. Wayne being here is proof of that.
Horrific, what is Horrific? One would say cutting the heart from your enemy and consuming it raw on the field of battle is horrific. How would that ritual be looked upon in “civilized society”? No my brothers and sisters that practice, along with our new found followers should not be made known in Secomber. Tomarrow when we reach the city we will proudly carry Wayne into town ourselves.

I have sworn an oath! And it is as true today as the day I swore it. That oath extends to any and all followers that answer my call. You may not always agree with my methods but our cause is one. As long as I am in my right mind, I shall not betray this company or the legacy of our heritage.


Russ said...

This write was a bit of a challenge. Trying to sell the creation of undead as not only justifiable, but natural. I tried spewing some BS, Hope it sounds sincere as Eva would be.

harrygoblin said...

You have to admit Eva, the hearts are really tasty.