Friday, August 12, 2011

Pages from the Necronomicon

In the magic-dead ruins of Myth Dorado; in the bowl of Turqual’s lair, the twelve new undead spirits raised their feral faces to the night sky and released baleful shrieks, haunting growls and woeful howls; creating heart stopping fear in any creature unlucky enough to hear them. With awareness came the deep self loathing and utter pity at their new existence as an undead. In haste they tear apart their lifeless corporeal bodies in rage; undead are hated in the natural order of beasts and creatures.

The spirits of the twelve did not join Malar in the beastlands when killed; they stood a mockery. Fueled now by hatred for their murderers; to be denied entrance into the blessed beastlands; and to become that witch they despise focuses their consuming purpose and shapes them into a naturally created form of undead.

Finding focus for vengeance, the twelve revenant lycanthropes rise from their graves to hunt down and kill their murderers. Devoid of any compassion, emotion, or logic, they have but one purpose, and will not rest until they have found vengeance.

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Gordzilla said...

Does Damian Agundar have to smack a litch?