Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review Chapter 3 Session 1

We begin exhausted from our battle with the green dragon Marshana and our two month ordeal of torture. We take time to go through what possessions we have and equipping our Samular kin with treasure at hand. We spend some time in discussion regarding our next course of action and the direction we should walk. Remembering that the river is flooded to the west of the Forest of Wyrms, we decide to head north to north west, presuming that we will hit the trade road and find our way to Secomber from there.

Heading north, several members of the nine note that the comet that was seen in Toril skies before our capture has moved and is very close to the moon. Someone comments that the comet is striking debris in the heavens. Tauron notices that the glowing lights trailing in the sky are actually debris falling to Toril. As we continued north we were surprised when the night sky lit up near the moon, followed a few minutes later by a wave of concussive force none of us had ever felt before.

About an hour later, hidden in darkness, fast moving creatures run by us, attacking as they pass in flight, finally being revealed as Axe Beaks, well outside their normal terrain. Tauron wonders if they have achieved some magical movement, while Damian surmises the concussive blast has terrified the beasts causing their herd to trample and run through unfamiliar grounds.

Bordane indicates an interest in the ruins of a city once favored by Mystra that we passed beneath months prior on our way to our fate with Marshana. It was agreed by all that the Midnight Blue dragon who had stolen our Samular Legacy items likely laired in the ruined city, due to the presence of a magical barrier placed there by the goddess of magic. After our battle with the Axe Beaks, Damian prepped some meat from the fallen birds and searched for a decent camp site on higher ground, hoping to avoid other predators. After a night of rest, all of the Nine wished they could spend another day at rest but knew that to survive, we would need to keep placing one foot in front of the other.

Soon the horizon revealed a rising ziggurat of ancient stone, a land mark leading us towards the ruined city that Bordane felt such a strong connection to. As we grew closer and could see more of the ruin Wayne confessed, that the hatred he had felt yesterday for our draconic enemies was gone, indicating it meant that the Blue dragon who dared to steal some of our Samular items was no longer there. Bordane’s business however, was not complete. Bordane lead us through the magical barrier after Briar suggested we all hold hands while following his lead. Finally through the barrier the Company of Nine comes upon strange tracks as well as a rather large but empty rat’s nest. Soon, scaly bodies are spotted, half hidden but lying upon the ground. After Tauron poked them with a lance, the rest of the party moved forward and studied the two bodies, which were revealed to be dead Yuan Ti. They’re corpses were shredded with such violence and ferocity that Bordane expressed the belief that only a lycanthrope could terrorize a Yuan Ti in such a manner. Damian, upon hearing that, beheaded the dead monsters and prepared to scatter the corpse before Eva intervened, calling upon divine forces to question the fallen scales souls.

It was confirmed by the souls that they served the Midnight Blue Dragon but she had flown north to the Nether Mountains; to a location that caused some to surmise that the blue beast was on the trail of the Nether Scrolls. The souls also indicated that the sudden attacks by the lycanthropes were brought about by the strange heavenly phenomenon surrounding the moon. Eva studied the talking corpses during questioning and as they finished providing what information they could, damned them completely by raising the two as skeletal guardians.

Bordane then began leading us through the ruins back towards the large Ziggurat which was lit up by a pillar of multi colored light. Just as we neared entry into the large structure, Bordane turned, pointed down into the bowl of the city and told us to go there. It was here that we found a strange magical pentagram of a sort, with each point having strange symbols and gems, unique pieces of art, somehow powering the pillar of magical multi colored light, the force behind the barrier surrounding the city. After some study, agreement was reached as to the meanings of each symbol and the deities they represent. Bordane first spoke to Tauron who claimed that his weapon desired to cut a swath through the light above Mystra’s symbol, which Bordane encouraged and Tauron declined. Bordane called upon his unique resistance to magic and with bare hand removed the gem, later described as a soul stone. As the moment occurred, somewhere in the heavens, Bane murdered the goddess of magic and that which was prophesied, the godsfall begins.


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