Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's only the beginning

Lakari waited nervously outside the noble’s estate. Though she had played this game a hundred times, tonight felt different. The priestess had completed her post sacrificial ritual on time but had only received a fraction of the blessings. It seemed as if Bhaal had his focus elsewhere & had only paid her prayers lip service. She had retraced her steps over the last few weeks, and was sure she had done nothing to upset the lord of murder. Nastorrian had chosen this mark sanctioned by the church; she was doing Bhaal’s will. She knew her lord’s motives were his own, and she was confident they would be reveled in time. So she waited for this evening’s entertainment to play out so she could get back to Nastorrian and discuss her anxieties.

Tonight’s version of the game was one of her favorites. Dullards dispatch! It requires slipping the mark a cursed Hat of Stupidity then inviting him out for a night of drinking and gambling. The hat guarantees they bring plenty of money and little else as body guards and weapons will surely hinder his entertainment. This particular target was a former adventurer; Cork Renford had crossed the wrong people and his time had come. He had married into a small noble family and had all but ruined the family name. Lakari could hear Cork before he exited the estate. Already drunk he was boasting about his gambling skills and his plans for this evenings jackpot. Lakari had to move fast, as Cork made his way through the streets he was drawing way to much attention to himself. The hat had eliminated most of his common sense and what it hadn’t stolen the liquor had claimed for itself. It wasn’t long before Cork was throwing his money around and would be broke before he reached his destination. If she hoped to make a profit of this endeavor she had to strike now. Moving through the alleyways she plotted an intercept course that would provide her the most beneficial place to strike. As Cork rounded the corner Lakari struck, two quick blows and the target was down. Looking around she knew she was in the clear.

She enjoyed the subtly of her signature finisher. A quick spell that would snuff out the life of her latest victim, as well as increase her abilities for a short time. She felt using Bhaal’s power for the killing stroke was a fitting way to show respect to the lord of murder. As she began reciting her spell she knew immediately something was wrong. Not only was the surge of power absent but the more she reached out the farther away Bhaal seemed. Then all at once it was gone. The connection with the church, the support of other followers, even the blessings of the lord himself all vanished. She had never felt so alone as she did right now. She quickly fished the remaining coins out of her prays pocket and rushed towards the City of the Dead. Something was seriously wrong and she hoped Nastorrian would have some answers.