Monday, January 25, 2010

Talos (repost)

Talos is the destructive force of nature. He is the god of storms, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and natural disasters.
Talos’ symbol is three lightning bolts, each of a separate color, radiating from a central point. When he is portrayed, it is as a broad-shouldered, bearded young man with a single good eye, the other covered by a dark patch. He is said to carry a collection of staves, made of the first iron forged in the Realms, the first silver smelted, and the first tree chopped down. He uses these staves to raise the wind, cause the waters to churn, and split the land in rage and anger.
Talos the Destroyer is the dark side of nature, the uncaring and destructive force that lies waiting to strike at any time. Because of this his relationship with the others gods of nature is a paradox, argued endlessly by the clergy of both churches. The ethos of Talos can be described as “nasty, brutish, and short,” terms also used to refer to some of Talos’s clergy.
The clergy are, by in large, travelers- some of whom profess to be seers. They warn of doom and disasters to come; which is why the clergy tends to travel a lot. Such priests, Agundars mostly, are usually dressed in black cassocks shot with silver vestments bearing the three lightning bolts, bastard swords and are referred to as “doom crows”.
The church of Talos exults in the wild destruction of nature at its fiercest, trusting to its own luck and the favor of the god to protect it.

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