Friday, January 22, 2010

Eva Maerklos Origins part 1

Aldara Maerklos spent every night for the past two years praying for a daughter. Since the birth of her 2 sons nearly 3 years ago she had been unable to conceive. A fortune spent on various potions and oils had produced no results and with the better part of her child bearing years behind her she had all but given up hope.

The night in question started as any other. The events of the Moonfest Festival where all but over Aldara had just put her children to bed when her “gift” manifested without warning. Aldara had been granted the gift of foresight the ability to focus on a particular object or question and gain a possible glimpse of the future. But this was different never had a vision come unsolicited. So vivid, she screamed out as the skeletal hand ripped away at the flesh of its helpless victim. She tried to turn away but could not avoid the gruesome images that followed. A young woman being torn apart by skeletal creatures, the screams echoing in Aldara’s mind as if coming from Aldara herself. All at once a high pitched wailing filled the air, the woman dropped to the ground lifeless. After the slaughter the creatures left the mutilated body of there victim and wondered off into the darkness. Then it was over…silence, Aldara tried to move but was unable to, frozen with fear she laid in darkness for what seemed like hours.

Soon she awoke in bed surrounded by family and a small contingent of city guards (having heard her screams) she began to describe the details of her horrific nightmare. The tension in the room quickly grew as Aldara described first hand the death of an innocent girl at the claws of her merciless killers.

Aldara felt the doom come over hear even before the knock on the door. It was Boren Agundar member of the ward patrol. An attack near the city of the dead, an expected mother and her unborn child murdered by some creature. Captain Nuthos had tracked the beasts to this area but lost the trail. Just then screams from the street 6 large skeletal forms ambushed Captain Nuthos and his patrol. In a matter of seconds the captain and most his men lay dead along with several civilians caught up in the fray.
Boren rallied the remaining guards and with the help of some Maerklos family members
Destroyed the remaining undead.

From her bed Aldara listened to the commotion outside the house. To exhausted from her earlier episode she could only listen to the screams from her window. Then she heard it, a familiar sound she could not place faint at first but growing steadily louder. The wailing from her vision coming up the stairs. Panic set in she could not stand let alone run, she was trapped. As she saw the skeletal arm emerge from the darkness Aldara last thought was of her children she prayed they had escaped. Fear took over as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Outside, Boren seasoned beyond his years new a diversion when he saw one. The distraction in the street was only meant to keep there focus away from something else.
Rushing into the house the smell of death was overpowering. As he followed the bloody footprints that lead towards Aldara’s bedchamber his pulse began to quicken. The screams of the Maerklos infant echoed throughout the house. He had sworn an oath to protect the incent he muttered a quick prayer to talos hoping he wasn’t too late. As he turned the corner he could only watch in terror as a ghastly creature laid a blood soaked bundle next to Aldara’s unconscious form. The chunks of flesh still clinging to the cloth having been torn from its victim only an hour before. As the wrappings fell away he stared in shock at the newborn baby freshly torn from his mother.
Boren tried to advance on the creature, but found himself paralyzed. Was it fear or some magical force keeping him from moving he couldn’t say. He was forced to watch as the creature finished some archaic ritual, the baby stirring slightly as the final incantation was spoken. The creature stared fondly for an instant at the child before turning to face Boren.

As sturdy as an ancient oak Boren remained rooted in place. The creature raised a skeletal hand and unleashed a wave of energy that engulfed Boren. Protect this child hissed the creature, less you suffer a fate worse than death. Without warning the creature launched itself onto Boren’s blade slumping to the floor a lifeless husk. The power holding Boren quickly subsided.

As dawn approached the watch regained control of the situation. The story of Boren rallying the men and single handedly saving the life of Aldara and her newborn daughter quickly spread. He was promoted to ward captain in charge of the city of the dead.
He could not bring himself to mention the child in any reports he filed that night. Nor has he mentioned the infant in any stories told of the event since.


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Russ, that is inspired beyond words!

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I think I remember Uncle Borin mention something about this...

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That is by far the coolest character intro I have ever read. If that paragraph is on the back of a book, I buy the whole series at once