Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mastock the Hunter

A force of nature, Mastock made his name humbling hill giants in the sword mountain region.  A berserker of immense power, Mastock was witnessed by several caravans on the trade road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter in battle with 3 hill giants and one white dragon.  He now is known to wear white dragon hide armor.  There are rumors among the nobles and merchants that Mastock is usually in the employ of one of many nobel houses in Waterdeep as a bounty hunter or recoverer.  Despite Mastock's orc stock he is known to be quite cunning, patient, and ruthless. 

Six weeks ago Damian Agundar had an unfortunate encounter with Mastock when fleeing from Mastock's latest mark.  Damian had been seeing a young woman warrior Emilia whom he had met after a nights carousing in Dock Ward.  Despite Damian's interest in Emilia, he was suspicious of her true motives, as she was very interested in his families business.  After meeting Emilia for dinner and kissing her goodnight, he secretly followed her to her family home in Northward where he discovered her secret.  She and her family were Lycanthropic creatures known as Weretigers.  When Damian was discovered spying on the family he was chased by mother and daughter from their estate.  Damian stole a wagon and two horses to escape, scared to death and fleeing for his life. What Damian did not know, could not have known, was that Belgora, the matriarch of this family of were-tigers was Mastocks latest target. Mastock had hidden in the stables having spent days learning the patterns of the household and knowing the schedule of the stable hands.  When Mastock heard the noise of Damian's approach, he threw himself behind a stack of crates and rope behind the wagon, thinking Damian an errant worker of the household. 

As Damian began preparing the horses, attaching them to the wagon, Mastock picked up the scent of his quarry approaching.  Mastock stayed hidden waiting for Belgora to appear.  Belgora and Emilia arrived, no longer appearing as human mother and daughter, but as two bipedal lion humanoids.  Mastock lept from his hiding place surprising everyone as he attacked Belgora with a powerful swipe of the great blades attached to his arms.  Damian rushed atop the wagon, the horses already moving at the shock of sudden battle.  In Damian's shock and fear he assumed the giant orc to be another guardian of the family.  Unfortunately for Mastock, his feet were thouroughly entangled in the rope he had hidden in, the same rope attached to Damian's stolen wagon. 

Mastock was able to strike Belgora twice more before being pulled off his feet and rapidly drug through the streets of Northward.  Belgora and Emilia's fates are unknown.  Never before has Mastock been so humiliated. Never before has Mastock failed to bring back his mark.  In truth Mastock was only drug two and a half city blocks before the rope snapped when Mastock was pulled and driven into a stone stair and metal corner of a city statue.  Mastock was taken to an unknown location to recover from his serious head wounds as well as his wounded pride.

Damian has only told his Uncle and brother the truth of his discovery about were-creature family.  The nobel family has gone into seclusion, not choosing to press any charges against Damian for the "borrowed" wagon, the entire incident being publicly blamed on Mastock.  Damian was fined 50gp for repairs to the statue and ordered to some "community service" singing at Castle Waterdeep.  It hasn't escaped Damian's attention that his being at Castle Waterdeep might be safer should Mastock decide to seek revenge. 

James you should pick which family of nobels are were-tigers. 


Gordzilla said...

I have now used all my cards.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Emilia!! Yes!! I remember her, brother! Quite the catch! I'd always heard others say she was " a tiger in the sack ", but until you told me that story, I always thought they meant something else...

James said...
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James said...

Your run-in with Mastock happened 4 weeks (20 days) ago. He has had your name branded into a club he openly carries.