Friday, January 22, 2010

Riders set, ready... GO! (Ahghairon’s Tower)

This slim stone tower has been totally enclosed above, around, and beneath in a series of potent, invisible magical barriers since the death of the famous wizard, many years ago. Don’t approach too closely- on the north side, a skeletal figure still stands facing the tower with arms raised, about 10 feet away from its side. It is all that remains of a wizard who tried to get into the tower in order, no doubt, to seize Ahghairon’s magic for himself. Rumor states that he dispelled the outermost barrier, a forcecage, but was trapped between it and the prismatic sphere within when the forcecage reformed behind him.
The man’s name has been forgotten with the passage of years, and his robes and flesh have both rotted away, but the magic of the tower holds the bones in position. Until Sai Piergeiron forbade it some years ago, it was a favorite game of local children to rearrange the wizard’s bones. They can be dislodged with a stick, but they always drift slowly back into the same position, floating upright, with arms outspread.


James said...

This is the starting point. :)

robm1171 said...

Ahghairon's Tower... I need to speak to father AGAIN about buying that place. An empty property, sitting there. I'm surprised Waterdeep hasn't done something with it already.

James said...

No one has gone within ten feet of the tower in hundreds of years. Indeed the cobble stone streets around the tower are stained with corpses of vermin and birds that unknowingly wander to close.