Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waterdeep Campaign

 Some general informaion:
  • Bringing back the 2nd edition Forgotten Realms; since we didn't see any play in the Realms during the 3rd or *gasp* 4th edition setting, I don't see why we can't return to what is 'familiar'. 
  • Characters will start as 0-level, with a standard ability score array, a short skill selection, and a feat.
  • I'm going to consolidate the Swim and Climb skill into one Athletics skill. 
  • Furthermore Sense Motive is now incorporated into the Preception skill. 
  • I am going to implement Conviction (from True20) & Challenges (from M&M)- These are the pdfs I will email out so everyone can become familiar with them. 
  • I created some Combat Applications for some select skills and new Full-round actions that we can try as 0-level characters, but more about that Wednesday. 
  • No arcane spellcasters please (this is not the game for them), and you may only multiclass into one additional class and one prestige class. 
  • Also I want to limit our resource to Pathfinder Core only. As Pathfinder comes out with more; I will pass judgment as the need arises. Although as the DM I reserve the right to resource outside PF. *muha ha ha ha!
  • There are several Realms changes to what we presuppose in d20; like that an enhancement is a magical bonus, and Arcane and Divine are of the same magic; but I'll have more Wednesday. 
  • I would like everyone to commit to one blog post each week. Even if it is a picture of your character or a tirade *in character*. In addition, I will soon be sharing a Google Document with you all for NPCs and so forth. I'll edit in the NPC name and it be up to you guys to add their description and what you know of them. The more we all put into this game the more we will all get out of it.
  • If there is a 2 size difference or greater between melee opponents that other can range attack the larger of the two without incurring a -4 for firing in melee or risk hitting the smaller creature. And a creature's 5' step is their natural reach. King Kong doesn't take just a five foot step and you can shoot his ass regardless of whatever idiot is trying to stab him!
  • There is a chance to shape the course of the campaign through what your character would know as rumor, legend or truth. For example your character has Knowledge: Geography. Therefore you could suggest to the campaign that: "a rumor has surfaced that a Barbarian tribe has begun raiding farms to the north" or "Tundra Barbarians are locked in a turf war with orc shaman". Nothing game-breaking but something that could add to the 'world in motion' effect we like in our games. Just one player a week- based on what his character has knowledge of- contributes one tidbit of campaign flava on the Blog. Plus I get to somehow bring it into the game or interpret it in a way to screw
  • Last but not least: level achievements. Five achievements are needed for level advancement. As an example an easy one could be: Choose a class feature, skill or feat you'll gain next level and incorporate its acquisition into your story. This way its about furthering the story line and not so much about who has most kills.
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Gordzilla said...

I have read your post. Curious about the 5 achievements. I understand what you mean about working in an upcoming skill or feat etc. Just curious about the rest. When you say no Arcane classes, is that ever or can you multi-class into one?

James said...

The achievements are game rewards (in place of XP) that further the story and your character to level up by. Think of it like the old check system. I gave an example, but if something monumentous happens for your character- I'd reward an achievement. Achievements will differ with each character and from level to level. I fully expect player input, suggestions and blatant lobbying for achievement worthy accomplishments. LOL

I am totally restricting Arcane classes for story purposes and that's all I'll say regarding that.


James said...

Regarding incorporating Sense Motive into Perception: Class's that have Sense Motive as a class skill and not Perception, they would therefore be trained in Perception.

Gordzilla said...

What races are available to choose from?

James said...

I gave this alot of thought very early on and one thing I need is some cohesive element, a commonality for all your characters. Before it became known as the shadow thief game- it started with everyone playing a thief kit of some kind.

That said, and because as far as I can remember we've never played a game of all human characters before. :) 0-level young adults on the cusp of adulthood and their first heroic level in Waterdeep? Are you kidding? It's going to be fun.

robm1171 said...

Guys, just to let you know. I plan on playing an asshole... yeah, little change, I know lol.

James said...

Cool. Now all we need is someone to play a bitch! Lol

Russ said...

Hi guys the Bitch is here!!

My cable modem shot craps so I have no internet at home. I plan on picking a new one up hopefully this week.

So the level achievements, can they be feats or class ability’s from other classes?

James said...

Level achievements can be feats, skills or class abilities that you'll gain next level- if its a class you have levels in or maybe a class not yet taken. As a matter of fact, it makes better sense yo me that there should be a story to tell behind a character going from straight fighter to multiclass into cleric and the hows and whys he/she picked up the spellcraft skill that is totally NOT a fighter skill.

Its not the acquisition of said feat, skill etc. its the process behind how you came into these new abilities that qualifies as an achievement.

Good question.

James said...

To be clear, not all level achievements will involve in-game RP of attaining new abilities. Some may involve discrediting someone, breaking some hearts or "getting her to bite your neck!" LOL It will depend what direction you all take the campaign.